Real-Time Cargo Tracking and Monitoring Solutions for Supply Chain Visibility

Reporting on the condition, location and security of your shipments and cargo

Why Companies Are Choosing Hanhaa Supply Chain Solutions

GPS Tracking RFID Tracking Data Loggers
Real-Time Tracking and Visibility
Real-time Condition Updates
Multimodal Cargo Tracking
Custom profiles and sensors for any industry
Integrates via API connection
Airline and Customs Approval
Return Logistics
Blockchain and Telematics Integration

Supply Chain Visibility

Choose The Product That Works For You


Hanhaa Supply Chain Solutions combines our mobile network with global IoT and cloud-based solutions to provide unrivalled supply chain visibility and management 


Our flagship reusable tracking solution that can report on the condition, location and security of your shipments.
Ideal for Sea, Rail, Road and Air shipments, with approval from IATA and over 35 major airlines.


Identify bottlenecks and monitor assets and shipment conditions such as humidity, temperature, impact, light and more
Using low powered 5G networks to track any of your assets for up to 5 years.


Miniature self-managed tracker (similar to a car-key fob), with varied uses and a range of built in sensors.
Designed for tracking shipments and assets of any size.


Long-term tracking solution (10+ Years) for all non-powered assets.
Designed with shipping containers and Sea Freight in mind, but also suitable for Rail and Road shipments.


The perfect solution for tracking outdoor assets and equipment, utilizing its solar-panel to recharge the battery.
Using low-powered 5G networks to track any of your assets for 7+ years.

Sea FreightLive

Non-IoT tracking software, using satellite and port authority data to track Ship location.
Enhanced reporting on Carrier and Shipping Lane Performance, as well as key milestones and Customs Release.

Air FreightLive

Non-IoT tracking software, using satellite data to track Aircraft and cargo's location.
Enhanced reporting on Airline and Trade Lane performance, as well as delays and flight connection risks.

Web Portal and API Integration


After choosing the product that’s the perfect fit for you, we will get you set up with our online web portal or the data can be sent directly into your internal systems via integrated APIs.

This offers you the ability to create custom alerts, monitor all of your active trackers in a single global view, and much more.

Customer Support


Talk to one of our operations specialists to receive support regarding any questions or issues you have.

Hanhaa SCS will help you get set up from start to finish. Whether it’s API integration or support on one of your orders, we are available around the clock to support you.

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