Hanhaa launches Mobile Network

on February 23, 2017
Hanhaa has announced the launch of Hanhaa Mobile. The company’s very own mobile network will become the first global network dedicated to parcels, connecting the logistics industry in ways never before possible. Hanhaa Mobile will enable Hanhaa’s live parcel tracking service, ParceLive, to run entirely through the companies own network. Each ParceLive tracking device will come equipped with an embedded Hanhaa Mobile SIM ensuring that the parcel that it is inside will remain connected. This means that from almost anywhere in the world your parcel will be able to report back on its location, condition and security in real time.

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Stephen HartnettHanhaa launches Mobile Network

ParceLive & Pareto

on February 13, 2017
Delivering Truth At Scale. The promise of ParceLive to deliver knowledge, insight and solutions across networks on a scale never seen before. Transforming what we know about supply chains from almost nothing to almost everything.

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Stephen HartnettParceLive & Pareto

The Open Forum

on February 7, 2017
On January 30th, Hanhaa held its first ever Open Forum event at its London office. Industry experts, customers, parts suppliers, investors and journalists were all invited to get a hands-on glimpse at the capabilities of ParceLive. The event consisted of two parts with part one detailing how ParceLive works and some of the work going on behind the scenes allowing for Hanhaa to build this solution.

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Stephen HartnettThe Open Forum

Normalising a behaviour that doesn’t exist

on February 1, 2017

“Normalising a behaviour that doesn’t exist”


Over the past few weeks consumer behaviour specialist Charlotte Beckett has been working with Hanhaa on a project very unique to ParceLive – ensuring that devices are returned after reuse. Hanhaa has made this process as easy as possible by negating the need for stamps or packaging during the return logistics phase and has now set about educating users on the ease of this behaviour. Charlotte first presented her work at the ParceLive Open Forum on 30th January and this piece illustrates in more detail the steps that Hanhaa are taking to ensure that as many ParceLive devices as possible are returned by the end user.
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Stephen HartnettNormalising a behaviour that doesn’t exist