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2020: Achieving Supply Chain Visibility & Operational Efficiency

on October 13, 2020 No comments

COIVD-19 has allowed supply chain and logistics professionals the world over to realise where their armour is most penetrable.

Long before COVID-19 wreaked its path of disruption, cracks of operational vulnerability had forever been present within supply chains. These cracks however, have been easy to ignore as their impact on the day to day operations for most businesses had not yet reached a level of severity that was damaging for economic survival and customer relation

Nevertheless, this does not mean that to operate in such a manner is correct, but rather it was more logical given the fact that large portions of the human race never experience such circumstances.

It is therefore very difficult to make a business case for proactive ‘just-in-case’ measures to improve resilience, especially when budgets and human resources may be limited.

As these cracks within our supply chains turn to chasms, we must understand how this pandemic took advantage of our operational weaknesses before we can fully appreciate which supply chain technologies are most applicable to our companies’ needs.

In doing so, this eBook will look at: 

• How an ever increasing globalised world has brought with it a multitude of risks and threats that have long been ignored 

• The impact of previous diseases and natural disasters 

• The dependency on China and lack of visibility amongst suppliers 

• Which supply chain technologies are most appropriate to deal with the problems listed above

Digital capabilities offer many benefits in today’s environment, but many organizations are facing economic uncertainty and financial pressures.

Those already behind the digital curve are now trying to deal with all the complexities at once, struggling to measure demand, attain visibility, create more flexibility and update antiquated systems.

While no one can foresee what’s in store for tomorrow, we can work today on building a smarter global supply chain.

Callum2020: Achieving Supply Chain Visibility & Operational Efficiency