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Another Year Older

on December 19, 2016 No comments

2016 turned out to be another big year for Hanhaa with a calendar full of challenges, milestones and achievements. From big leaps in technology, new team members and plenty of travelling, 2016 had it all.

Showing off

If there was one thing not lacking from 2016 at Hanhaa it was air miles. The team began the year by simultaneously presenting ParceLive at Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany and at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with great feedback and comments from those attending the shows.

Hanhaa also presented at the IoT Expo in Kensington as well at several events for London Tech Week including the Alibaba Cloud Start-up Contest where more positive feedback was received. Aside from shows Hanhaa was very active within Europe this year visiting Paris, Stockholm, Milan, several German cities and much of Great Britain meeting with some of the best people!

Some of the team at one of the many events Hanhaa presented at this year

Tracking The World

From carrying a device around on the London transport network in the beginning of the year to tracking in more than 30 countries and on 4 continents ParceLive spread its wings in 2016. From Aberdeen to Cornwall, Hong Kong to New York City, ParceLive was there. With early tests focused solely on location tracking Hanhaa’s engineering team began introducing more sensors to ParceLive as the year progressed.

Live trials took place across Europe with GPS location, temperature and humidity tracking providing data and insight not seen before across supply chains. All of the data, feedback and analysis from these trials has allowed for Hanhaa to make vital fixes and improvements to the ParceLive proposition. This information has all proved vital as ParceLive heads for large-scale production in early 2017.

Real Parcels containing ParceLive travelling the globe in 2016

Much work was also done in 2016 to ensure that the return logistics side to ParceLive was active and ready to use. Hanhaa secured a global postal license ensuring that ParceLive units can be returned via the postal network at no extra cost to the consumer from anywhere in 38 countries. A return address that is displayed on the ParceLive e-ink screen as well as items on the packaging ensure that when sending back your device there is no need for a stamp or any additional packaging or envelopes.

Securing the return logistics segment is key to differentiating ParceLive as a tracking service that is effective and efficient no matter how many shipments are being made. It ensures that no additional infrastructure is required by users and allows them to track not just single shipments but to receive information using the IoT across their entire supply chain, providing valuable data on a global scale. You can learn more about how ParceLive offers a low cost and sustainable solution to parcel tracking by clicking HERE.

Team Building

Hanhaa tripled the size of its engineering team in the past twelve months with further expansion planned for January of 2017. By bringing in team members to work on both hardware and software development Hanhaa greatly enhanced its engineering capability and expertise.

As well as boosting the engineering team Hanhaa also brought in team members to develop the ParceLive enterprise and systems integration, ensuring the safe passage of data from device to customer.

Hanhaa continued to grow its team in the past 12 months

What’s Next?

There is much planned for Hanhaa in 2017 with new additions to the team, large scale production and plenty more big announcements that we will be sharing in just the next couple of weeks. To stay up to date with everything happening at the company make sure to follow us on Linkedin, Twitter & Instagram.

Hanhaa will also be hosting the ParceLive Open Forum in our London office on January 30th, 2017. For more information about this exciting event and to reserve your free tickets please CLICK HERE.

Finally, everyone at Hanhaa would like to wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a safe and prosperous New Year!

Keep your eyes peeled for plenty more to come in 2017!

Stephen HartnettAnother Year Older