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Automotive Logistics: The Internet of 140 Billion Things | Webinar

on February 22, 2018 No comments

On Wednesday 7th March at 3pm GMT, Hanhaa is hosting a Webinar on Automotive Logistics and IoT solutions addressing the industry’s needs for better visibility and transparency in global networks.

With almost 80 million cars sold worldwide in 2017, the automotive industry is a key sector of the economy for every major country in the world. It is the largest manufacturing sector in US and the largest private investor in R&D in Europe with more than €50 billion invested annually.


Facing the challenges of offering high levels of customization while remaining flexible to adapt production to differing consumer needs, the auto industry has become highly competitive and is dealing with complex supply chains scattered around the world, involving great numbers of tiers. Widespread global commerce has opened the door to counterfeiting goods on a massive scale and the risk in one manufacturer’s supply chain can have adverse slow-down consequences for other brands who will have limited control or visibility over such risk. There is a compelling need for full visibility on logistics processes that becomes crucial when dealing with expensive and sensitive items. Asset tracking technology and IoT solutions are playing vital roles to reduce risks and improve logistics efficiency, allowing for end-to-end full visibility and enhanced speed to limit losses and thefts at all stages of the chain.

Automotive suppliers have the huge responsibility for product liability and must ensure that each piece is secured and arrives in time for parts assembly. Professionals cannot take the slightest risks on potentially losing high-priced parts during logistics processes. Connected innovative solutions, tracking and sensor are addressing the need for transparency and allow access to live data on environmental conditions, security and location of the assets, enabling to verify the origin and route of shipments and acknowledge if shipments have been opened, tampered with or delayed at customs.

In this webinar, Hanhaa will be showing how asset-tracking solutions are tailored to the needs of the automotive industry and can easily be integrated into the logistics processes in place. live and accurate insight of what is happening in throughout existing supply chains.

As transparency becomes key to the liability and performance of logistics, join us on the 28th February as we discuss this new generation of tracking solutions for increased transparency and control over automotive logistics.

Stephen HartnettAutomotive Logistics: The Internet of 140 Billion Things | Webinar