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GEODIS new channel partner no top
GEODIS: New Channel Partner
26 June 2020
Founded in 1995 , GEODIS is a Supply Chain Operator ranking among the top companies in its field in Europe...
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Atlas Air 1
ParceLive Receives Aviation Certification From Atlas Air
26 June 2020
Hanhaa has now received certification for the use of ParceLive trackers on board Atlas Air. Atlas...
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Telematics integtration
ParceLive: Telematics mecFLEET Integration
03 June 2020
MECOMO AG is one of the leading providers of tracking solutions that specializes in creating customized...
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Bilig Tracker
BiLiG OpEx: New Channel Partner
19 May 2020
In 2015, BiLiG OpEx (Operational Excellence Consultants) was founded by Turkish entrepreneurs in the...
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Southern Glazers case study
TrackIQ Using ParceLive To Monitor Wine and Spirits In Transport
30 April 2020
Since September 2018, TrackIQ have been a valued channel partner of Hanhaa, accumulating a number of...
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tracker life cycle
ParceLive: No Hassle, No Waste
27 April 2020
Turn on the television or glance at a newsfeed and you will likely see headlines hyping the latest facts...
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HDM Group
HDM Group: New Channel Partner
16 April 2020
HDM Group and Hanhaa have today announced a partnership between the two companies to deploy ParceLive,...
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Morpheus UMSCA
Morpheus.Network and Hanhaa Help Companies Understand The Opportunities For USMCA Cross Border Trade and Compliance Challenges
14 April 2020
As Supply Chain resilience and risks take center stage, Morpheus.Network, a SaaS middleware platform...
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hanhaa portal
Shareable Link: Instantly View A Customer Journey On The ParceLive Portal!
02 April 2020
There’s a good chance by now that you’ve heard about our cargo tracking and monitoring solution, ParceLive....
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parcelive feature image
5 ParceLive Features That Separate Hanhaa From The Competition
26 March 2020
1) 65+ Days Battery Life: Unbeknownst to many, ParceLive’s battery life is one of the most superior...
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