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blulog Implements Hanhaa XG – The First Mobile Network for IoT

on October 17, 2019 No comments

Created in 2015, the French/Polish company, blulog, offer very precise, small and affordable temperature data loggers. Their solutions have been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the food, pharma or logistics industries.

These 2G Data Loggers can track temperature during the whole journey of a specific shipment, and can even be integrated into isothermal boxes, providing inside and outside temperature. At the same time, the loggers reveal the GPS location of goods in transit so that users will know precisely when their shipment has arrived at its end destination.

blulog 2G Data Logger

Hanhaa XG, the first mobile network developed with the unique needs of The Internet of Things in mind, have been providing the blulog team with data connectivity to support their 2G Data Loggers with a global reach. XG SIM cards are inserted within their IoT devices that then transmit data to the user regarding their shipment. The image below demonstrates how Hanhaa XG’s connectivity provides the 2G Data Loggers with the ability to report on the condition of shipments.

Hanhaa XG connectivity allows data to be passed from the IoT device to the blulog Cloud in a secure environment ensuring that with XG, blulog’s data never crosses the public internet. With the needs of the IoT in mind, we’ve made it easier to manage your SIMS with data plans managed across your network and not on a SIM by SIM basis.

“I am pleased to be working with blulog on this project. We try where possible to make our part as simple as we can. Such as no Monthly Recurring Charge for the service and all usage of the data connections taken from a single pool. blulog is a great company deploying across the world.”

Ian Maciver, Hanhaa XG Owner.

Hanhaa’s ParceLive, a real-time parcel tracking service that connects users to live information about the location, condition and security of their assets, is also enabled by Hanhaa XG, supporting its communications network. The added security of XG means that those shipping expensive and sensitive items can rest easy knowing that their data is secure. As ParceLive trackers cross borders, hands and continents, users of ParceLive always retain a direct relationship with their shipment thanks to XG connectivity.

“The partnership with Hanhaa allowed us to build the inexpensive and reliable single use 2g geo loggers that – thanks to the fact that we pay per data and to the general global connectivity – will work all around the world.”

Jérémy Laurens, Co founder & CEO at Blulog

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Callumblulog Implements Hanhaa XG – The First Mobile Network for IoT