Each of our Brexit Survival Kit trackers come with:

  • All data costs included
  • Full dashboard to access all shipment data
  • Configure alerts to match your needs
  • Built-in return logistics from UK, Europe and North America


1 Tracker
$68.95 or £52.95
+ shipping
+ €100 refundable deposit


5+ Tracked Journeys
  • ParceLive reduces in price as volume increases.To receive more information on larger volumes, please click the link below

Renting and using a ParceLive tracker is super-simple:

    • Place your online order today and we’ll send the tracker(s) to your for packing within your shipments;
    • You get full online access to see your where shipment routes, gets held up, how the goods are treated in transit – and much more….!;
    • The deposit we charge covers non-return of the tracker, when it arrives back at our fulfilment centre we reimburse you immediately.

Our rental approach means that you get all the benefits of a tracker without carrying the expense of buying one. Your purchase is a  rental contract between you and Hanhaa, in which you receive, use and return the tracker(s) via Freepost within 60 days of receiving the tracker(s).

It couldn’t be easier – in fact the tracker returns to Hanhaa at no cost to you via freepost. All the receiver needs to do is push the button to de-activate tracking, this will also prompt a return address on the screen, and place it into a mailbox. For more about how to return a tracker head to Hanhaa.com/ParceLive/Returns

The deposit serves to protect Hanhaa in the unlikely scenario of the tracker(s) not being placed into the post and returned after use.

If the tracker(s) does not return after 60 days then the tracker shall be considered lost and the deposit not returned.

In the event that this occurs the deposit will be returned for each of the trackers that was returned to Hanhaa.

This a defined period of time within the rental model where the tracker(s) are actively transmitting data back to Hanhaa data centres – i.e. from when the tracker is activated by pushing the button and then deactivated by pushing the button again.

No, you can activate your tracker(s) at any point within the 60-day rental period. In the event that any tracker does not return to Hanhaa after 60 days the deposit for that tracker will not be returned. Hanhaa recommends that tracker(s) are returned within 55 days of receipt to ensure enough time for the postal network to deliver each tracker back to Hanhaa.

Once activated each tracker has an estimated battery life of 22 days. Battery life can be affected by the number of alerts recorded and adverse environmental conditions.

Each tracker rented can be used for one journey, until the battery of the tracker runs out, or the 60 day period expires. Once de-activated a ParceLive tracker cannot be remote re-activated, thus ending the rental period.

Once the tracker is activated, you will receive hourly updates on location, temperature, humidity, tilt and Orientation, parcel opened, and if the shipment was mishandled. For more information please visit the official ParceLive page.

To return the tracker back to Hanhaa, you or someone at the destination simply places it into any postal mailbox. There’s no need for any stamps or envelopes. Simply push the button and post.

Each ParceLive tracker has the following on-board sensor features:

GPS location: provides users with pinpoint accurate location data from almost anywhere in the world, right down to the location within a warehouse;

Temperature: identifies the range of temperatures that the shipment has been exposed to throughout the supply chain;

Humidity: identifies the range of humidity that the shipment has been exposed to;

Impact: tells users in real-time (or retrospectively) if a shipment has been dropped or hit;

Tilt: informs users in real-time (or retrospectively) if a shipment has been subjected to tilting;

Shipment breaches: are triggered by light-sensing events such as a parcel being opened.

Once you place your order, a representative from Hanhaa will contact you with login details to your account.

Hanhaa uses highly detailed visual components to display your data in a simple and easy way for you to understand. From Google Maps integration to visual alerts on the current and previous data points of your journey.

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