Hanhaa on the front line of innovation

on July 16, 2019
A simple walk down the local High Street might leave one wondering whether he or she was suddenly been teleported to the Netherlands or California, what, with all the signs and offers touting the benefits of CBD oil.

While the United Kingdom (UK) is still on the fence as to whether CBD, or cannabidiol, is truly a medical miracle, the fact remains that the country is the largest exporter of this non-psychoactive component of cannabis the world over.

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Stephen hartnettHanhaa on the front line of innovation

TrackIQ using Hanhaa’s ParceLive to monitor CBD shipments

on June 26, 2019
Founded in 2016, Mile High Labs have been setting the standards for cannabidiol (CBD) ingredient manufacturing. The team is committed to advancing the industry forward and making CBD accessible through scientific innovation and research.

Monitoring the condition of their CBD products while in transport is critical to Mile High Labs. CBD oil in particular is very reactive to the environment it is stored in. The best way to ship CBD is in an upright position with stable temperatures away from extreme light, heat or moisture. Storing CBD products in suitable environments will also increase their shelf life. It’s imperative that Mile High Labs implement a tracking solution that enables full transparency to the location, condition and security of their valuable shipments.

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CallumTrackIQ using Hanhaa’s ParceLive to monitor CBD shipments