Leaders in supply chain with David Hennah

on April 9, 2019
David Hennah, Senior Vice President and Head of Trade & Supply Chain Finance at Intellect Design Arena Ltd, sat down with Hanhaa and answered a few questions about working in supply chain and life outside of work.

Here’s what they discussed…

What’s the most fun or interesting part about working in the supply chain?
There is a huge amount of growth potential in the supply chain finance market, given that a majority of trade is now conducted on open account. The market is constantly evolving. We are seeing the emergence of new trading relationships, new technologies and new opportunities for doing business.

After a long week, how do you like to let off steam?
On Saturday morning I will watch my youngest daughter play football for the U11 Wildcats. On Sundays I like to run along the river, may be 10/15 miles. It helps to clear my head.

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Stephen hartnettLeaders in supply chain with David Hennah