How ParceLive solves cross-border shipment problems throughout EMEA

on May 22, 2019
Whether you prescribe to the latest school of thought that the world is flat and only likely to become more so on account of globalization or, conversely, believe in the more classic theory that isolationism and politically-driven trade agreements will rule the day, one thing is for sure:  time and tide wait for no man.

This is to say that change is the only constant for those who chose to operate in today’s business environment.

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Stephen hartnettHow ParceLive solves cross-border shipment problems throughout EMEA

Hanhaa 2018 year in review

on December 19, 2018
The past twelve months have been full of development, growth and achievement for team Hanhaa. With new features rolled out for ParceLive, the introduction of Symbisa to the market, a new office and many new team members it’s been a year to remember.

Below we have compiled just some of our activities across the world this year, keep scrolling to check out the highlights.

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Stephen hartnettHanhaa 2018 year in review

London’s booming tech scene

on July 31, 2018
In the last couple of years the industry has grown at a rate of 4.5% which is double that of the wider UK economy. Since 2009 London based high-tech companies have increased their gross value-added by 16.4% and now contribute £56 Billion in revenue per year.

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Stephen HartnettLondon’s booming tech scene

IoT to combat increased threat to electronics supply chain

on July 9, 2018
Given the fast-changing trends and feasibility of the electronics market, manufacturers need to be flexible and adaptable to keep up with constantly evolving demands. Producing high-quality products while also minimizing costs and integrating everything into a rapid delivery system puts huge pressure on those in the industry to meet customer demands. Logistics remain a challenge in 2018 for manufactures and supplier partners required to deliver speed and accuracy faster than ever before. Unsurprisingly, it was found that more than 80% of 300 companies interviewed in a study consider they are facing significantly more risks than 5 years ago in terms of theft, products delays or counterfeit items.

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Stephen HartnettIoT to combat increased threat to electronics supply chain

Continuing to grow- Hanhaa moves to larger offices

on June 15, 2018
It was just one year ago when Hanhaa moved into its own private offices in Tobacco Dock. In that year the company has doubled in size leading to the need for further expansion and facilities. Today Hanhaa has relocated to newly refurbished and expansive offices on the bank of the river Thames in Vauxhall, SE1.

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Stephen HartnettContinuing to grow- Hanhaa moves to larger offices