Khrysos Industries (Nasdaq:YGYI) integrates ParceLive to monitor shipments in transport

on January 20, 2020
Orlando, Florida — Khrysos Industries, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Youngevity International, Inc. (NASDAQ: YGYI), and Hanhaa, an internet-of-things innovator, have agreed to a strategic channel partnership agreement intended to ensure product integrity during transportation.

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CallumKhrysos Industries (Nasdaq:YGYI) integrates ParceLive to monitor shipments in transport

Solving the cocoa crisis with ParceLive

on August 7, 2019
Turn down any aisle in your local grocer’s and you are likely to be bombarded by labels claiming that products are ‘Fairtrade Certified’ by the ‘Rainforest Alliance’, among others, and that by buying such items you are giving back directly to communities in developing countries who are in desperate need of funds.

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CallumSolving the cocoa crisis with ParceLive

Major Shipping Canals and ParceLive

on July 17, 2019
Trade between humans has been common place since prehistoric times. Trading was the main facility of prehistoric people, who bartered goods and services from each other before the creation of modern-day currency. Archaeological excavations provide numerous examples of humans engaging in trade with some ancient trade routes still being used today. We can see these examples within ancient civilisations such as the Phoenicians and the Romans. The Phoenicians, believed to have originated in Lebanon, were pioneers in long distance commercial trading between 1200 – 800 BC. Their command over naval trade spread its influence throughout the world, with hoards of decorated silver being found in North Africa and Europe.

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CallumMajor Shipping Canals and ParceLive

This week with ParceLive | Episode 1

on March 1, 2018

In the start of a new weekly series we will begin to give a snapshot of some of the things that ParceLive has been doing across the world each week. From cross border shipments, far flung locations and extreme weather conditions we are always getting interesting data and use cases back from our trackers. Here we will begin to share them.

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Stephen HartnettThis week with ParceLive | Episode 1