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Delivering Stability In An Uncertain Europe

on October 25, 2016 No comments


Unless you have been asleep for the past week, or on a deserted island without internet, it’s likely that you are aware that the British public voted last week to leave the European Union. The result, announced early Friday, has left many surprised and sent world financial markets into an escalating downward spiral. With no official date for “Brexit” the lingering uncertainty over the European and global market place looks set to continue. The silence on key issues such as the future free movement of people and single market has only contributed to this and made for a very nervy European Union.

While being a London based company Hanhaa holds strong links to the continent through our partners and friends in Spain, Germany, Italy and beyond. Further than that the Hanhaa team is a diverse mix of people from across the EU and the world, with parts for Parcelive sourced from across the union. Just last month we detailed the change in legislation across EU E-commerce and parcel platforms, with the aim of creating a single online market and shipping industry enabling a more fair environment for all. This then will be one of many areas thrown into doubt following Britain’s exit from the EU. Will Britain be included in the single parcel market, or will the EU ensure that it is not, bringing about extra charges for shipping in and out of the UK?

The recent and relentless surge in e-commerce has meant that the number of parcels in transit at any one time is larger than ever. Additionally the number of parcels shipped internationally is now growing at twice the rate of domestic. A separated online and logistical marketplace is sure to see a surge in those willing to pay extra for speciality shipping services such as “live tracking” in order to be sure of their parcels progress and safety. These services, however, come at a cost and may not be a viable solution for those shipping large volumes internationally.

Parcelive is a live parcel tracking service that works globally and is inserted into the individual parcel, giving a live look into that parcel wherever it may be regardless of borders. While the status of countries and the legislation around parcel delivery may change, the ability of Parcelive to offer live data on the location and condition of your parcel does not. With Parcelive the ability to be with each of your shipments, at scale, means that companies now have an easy, effective and affordable way to know exactly what their parcels are doing. No matter who is carrying them. The stability created from Parcelive means that the need to know who is carrying your parcel and to pay for additional and more expensive shipping services is negated, saving money while making more information about your parcel available than was previously possible.

ParceLive all over Europe

ParceLive goes inside of a parcel

To get more information on how you can offer live parcel tracking as a service to your customers Click Here.

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Stephen HartnettDelivering Stability In An Uncertain Europe