Why Reusable IoT Asset Trackers?

50 million metric tons of electronic waste, or “e-waste,” is created each year, according to The World Counts. Only 12.5% of this material is recycled, while 85% end up incinerated, releasing harmful toxins into the air, or dumped in landfills.

At Hanhaa, we recognise that recycling electronic devices helps conserve our natural resources and minimises the amount of greenhouse gas emissions caused when manufacturing virgin materials.

ParceLive is one of the first IoT asset trackers to take the fight against pollution seriously, encouraging all our partners to engage in eco friendly shipping, whilst also minimising the operational hassle of dealing with the devices before and after use, saving everyone time and money.

ParceLive channel partners inform Hanhaa where they need their IoT asset trackers sent to, and when the journeys are complete, Hanhaa organise the collection of the trackers so that they can be sent back to one of our global fulfilment centres, where they are recharged and updated, ready for their next journey.

The aim here is to minimise the operational pain of companies having to deal with the trackers before and after use, which in turn, has huge benefits for the environment minimising waste and encourages eco friendly shipping pratices.
Transitioning away from linear economies, or take-make-dispose cycles, in favour of circular economies replete with calls for regeneration, ParceLive is looking to plug holes in the systemic leakage of e-waste.

This is to say that ParceLive not only reduces the e-footprint of our shipping customers, but those of their consumers too, by enabling a single IoT asset tracker to work equally well across bulk shipments and various categories of WEEE.


Sustainability is an integral part of our vision and values. Our environmental efforts are conducted with the following objectives in mind:

Supporting Our Company’s Growth
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Exceeding our customer's increasing
expectations for a more sustainable product and service offering.

Demonstrating Our Commitment
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Continued integration of
sustainability into company goals and decision-making.

Improving Your Operational Efficiency
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Lowering costs and reducing the
environmental footprint of our operations and your supply chain.

It is our goal to continuously review and keep decreasing out environmental impact, and to manage the needs of customer requirements in an environmentally sustainable way.

We believe that sustainability is a shared responsibility, best delivered in collaboration with others; we therefore engage with our customers, suppliers, and stakeholders to fulfil these commitments.

reusable IoT asset tracker to reduce e-waste and improve eco friendly shipping

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