ParceLive: Real-time tracking solution for supply chain professionals

ParceLive solution

  • Network insight: puts shippers in control by enabling them to see what’s really happening and trending within their delivery network;
  • Customer service: can be dramatically improved by enabling shippers and logistics suppliers to identify where delays and issues are happening and report-back to customers in real-time. The ParceLive service enables each individual asset to become its very own customer service agent;
  • Network optimisation: shipping professionals can identify pinch-points and inefficiencies in delivery networks to improve routing and select the best logistics suppliers;
  • Dispute resolution: auditable data helps everyone to identify the facts behind late, non-delivery and damage disputes;
  • Competitive advantage: by offering access to live and accurate data, ParceLive gives end-users as well as 3PLs, logistics vendors and a host of other sectors an incredible opportunity to add value to their service; shippers can differentiate themselves through enhanced service delivery.

GPS Location: Provides you with pinpoint accurate location data, from almost anywhere in the world;

Temperature: Identifies the range of temperatures that the shipment has been exposed to;

Humidity: Identifies the range of humidity that the shipment has been exposed to;

Tilt & orientation: Notifies you in real-time (or retrospectively) if your shipment has been subjected to tilting;

Shipment breaches: Triggered by light sensing events such as a box being opened;

Shock: Triggers a g-force alert when the tracker detects a shock greater than 5 g. Each alert will also display the g force value between 4 and 16 g;

ParceLive journey

ParceLive is a tracking service that provides users with real-time information about the location, condition and security of their assets, no matter the country or logistics carrier.

Alerts of exceptional events are trigged – such as a shipment being dropped, opened, tilted or exposed to temperature or humidity outside of defined parameters – and transmitted via the Hanhaa XG network to the ParceLive portal. Or directly into users’ systems via integrated API’s.

“ParceLive fulfils a need that many of our customers have been asking for – total visibility across their global supply chain.”

“There are many markets we serve today that would benefit from this technology so we’ve added ParceLive to our full suite of supply chain service offerings.”

“ParceLive built in return logistics has enabled us to add the service to the DB Schenker Smartbox family of solutions that we offer across our customer base.”

“We explored other trackers but ParceLive is the most intelligent on the market.”

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