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New Feature Release: Tracker Profiling & Shock Detection Added to ParceLive Service

on February 20, 2019 No comments

Hanhaa Introduces Two New Features To The ParceLive Service

With the influx of new technologies, availability of connectivity and price of components the amount of data accessible to businesses of all kinds has increased dramatically in recent times. From the beginning, Hanhaa’s goal for ParceLive has been to provide a data set that is meaningful, smart, and contributes to the provision of information that leads to actionable insights on a global scale.

This goal in mind Hanhaa is today releasing two new features for the ParceLive service. These features will both increase the amount of relevant data available to users while allowing them to create a more bespoke service for their own supply chain needs.

“It’s shocking”

The first of the new features is shock. The Shock detection feature identifies specific acceleration profiles and determines whether the unit was subject to a sudden impact.

If ParceLive detects a shock it will report back data to the user containing a boolean value indicating the presence of a shock, the acceleration peak value in G (to a max of 15.9 G) and the primary axis on which the shock was detected.

For some time, users of ParceLive have had access to information on the orientation and freefall of a box (if it was dropped). The addition of the ‘Shock feature’ comes after dialogue and feedback from the market, especially those shipping fragile items, that understanding the force upon a shipment was critical.

Andrew Stramentov CEO/ Founder at Rok-Box, specialists in fine art transportation, said of the ParceLive shock feature “The addition of shock, and g force reporting to the ParceLive service is really going to enhance the capability and level of service that we are going to be able to build on top of our products. The ability of ParceLive to report back this data to our customers will let them know almost instantly if any unwanted shocks, and therefore likely damage, has occurred to their art shipments anywhere across the globe”.

ParceLive users will be able to customize the data available to them


The second new feature being rolled out by Hanhaa will change the way in which shippers interact with the ParceLive service- creating a data set for each shipment’s unique requirements. Profiling will enable users to select the parameters, alerts and frequency at which they receive data on their shipments while still receiving the same global service and freepost returns.

Users will be able to set the interval rate (the rate at which data is sent back from ParceLive trackers), as well as thresholds for temperature and humidity. Similarly, alerts for ParceLive’s tilt, light and freefall features can be turned on or off depending on the relevance of the data to that particular shipment.

Additionally, the new shock feature will be a part of the profile capability meaning shippers will be able to pre-set a shock value for which they wish to be notified. For example, those shipping glass may want to set a much more sensitive shock alert to those shipping something less fragile.

Profiling of ParceLive trackers will be rolled out in two stages. During stage 1 Hanhaa will create a selection of different ‘profiles’ for customers to choose from that may be beneficial for different industries. The full rollout of profiling, later in 2019, will enable ParceLive users to fully customise their own data to ensure they are gaining the most detailed and relevant information possible on each individual shipment.

Increasing battery life will open ParceLive up to longer shipments such as those by sea

The creation of profiles for individual journeys will create a world of possibilities for those shipping with unique and specific needs such as in the cold chain, perishable or fragile items as well as express and freight deliveries. By reducing the rate at which ParceLive sends back data users are able to unlock additional battery time meaning the service now has the ability to service freight and longer haul shipments such as those by sea. Similarly express deliveries will now be able to greatly increase the rate at which they receive data.

Testing ParceLive in your supply chain is quick, easy and commitment free. Click below to get more information and discover first hand the historic dark spots in your supply chain that ParceLive can illuminate.

Stephen hartnettNew Feature Release: Tracker Profiling & Shock Detection Added to ParceLive Service