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Heading for production

on March 28, 2017 No comments

During the months of February and March Hanhaa has continued the introduction of the innovative parcel tracking service ParceLive. Pilot testing has commenced with several companies who have recognised the distinct cost saving and revenue generating benefits of receiving data on the location, condition and security of their shipments in real time on a global scale.

The most recent rollout of ParceLive has taken place in a variety of countries including the UK, France and Germany as well as inside parcels that have tracked through multiple countries. Because trackers are placed inside of the parcel itself, and thanks to Hanhaa Mobile’s global connectivity, users are able to gain a live look on their parcel no matter who is carrying it or the country it is in. With supply chain’s comprising of complicated webs of franchises, outsourced carriers and third party involvement the ability to take away the reliance upon the carrier for information is a key value add of ParceLive.

A live parcel in the south of France this month

As well as receiving GPS location, often even from the inside of warehouses, those adopting ParceLive have been receiving live geo stamped data on the temperature & humidity of their shipments as well as information on if they have been opened, dropped or tilted.

Data to drive a supply chain


With much work done by the Hanhaa engineering team ParceLive trackers now benefit from more than two weeks of battery life while reporting at hourly intervals. Though users also receive additional data if there is an incident with the parcel, such as it being dropped, the reporting period of ParceLive trackers is fully customisable. The ability to alter the frequency of data means that even those shipping in express or next day delivery systems can receive a large amount of valuable data on their deliveries.

Trackers are returned for free through the postal network

A key part of ParceLive’s pilots has been the ability to reuse trackers in order to supply the demand of customers wishing to get their hands on the service. Hanhaa has negotiated a global returns license, currently active in 36 countries, that allows the parcel recipients to place their tracker back in the post for free. With license information displayed on the packaging and a return address displayed on the ParceLive screen trackers can be placed in the post and returned from any one of these countries without the need for stamps or additional packaging.

The return and reuse model ensures that the service has the capability to operate at a scale and price point that makes sense to those in the logistics industry. Adding ParceLive trackers to just a sample of your shipments gives the ability and insight to unlock what is happening across up to 99% of your network. Aside from increasing network efficiency ParceLive also adds huge value for those shipping in the cold chain such as pharmaceuticals and food.

Be part of the future. Today.

The size, complexity and number of systems involved in global logistics means that opportunities for real and effective innovation are few and far between. As the year rolls on Hanhaa will be taking ParceLive through several stages of unit production and are now looking for more early adopters keen to illuminate their supply chain.

Channel partners of ParceLive will have the ability to quickly and easily create their own revenue streams by packaging ParceLive as part of their own unique offering. Users of the service will be able to streamline their supply chain like never before with insights based upon real data at scale. ParceLive creates a very real and implementable source of innovation for the logistics industry. The future is near. You can be part of it now.

Stephen HartnettHeading for production