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Healthy horses lead to wealthy thieves

on October 15, 2019 No comments

It would seem that no hobby, business venture, or daily activity could sincerely be enjoyed for long before the ever-present crush of fear, uncertainty, and doubt come rushing in to ruin the day.

Consider how online gaming, trading, and record keeping are constantly under threat from hackers or other insidious members of society and how just a little bit of fun could result in identify theft or worse.

All of this, of course, translates into the physical world where even in-person betting, business partnerships, and banking no longer translate into the carefree, mindless fun that they once did.

Nowhere is this more prevalent, or obvious, than in the world of thoroughbred horse racing.

With power, prestige, and purses commanding some $12 million for the jockey and animal duo that crosses the finish line first, it is little wonder, then, that all elements of this once fun-filled pastime are now under threat on behalf of animal thieves, veterinarians cutting corners, and disingenuous records keepers from Dubai to the United Kingdom (UK) and beyond.

But just as in the art world and various other lucrative endeavours, hardware and software solutions stand at the ready to first stop and, then, prevent fraudulent activity from occurring.

No other firm is more trusted across such diverse industries than Hanhaa.

This company not only offers reliable, accurate, and affordable hardware solutions in the form of RFID tracking technology, but also turnkey software solutions that provide both horse handlers and stable owners the power to investigate their current processes and root out poor practices once and for all.

Here’s how:

Authenticity, records, and more:

All the uninitiated racing enthusiast has to do in order to become more well-acquainted with the world of thoroughbred runners is try to plough through the first few pages of William Nack’s Secretariat.  In this way, he or she will quickly come to appreciate just how hard it was, and remains, to track bloodlines for animals that can clock in at more than 40 miles per hour.

This is where Hanhaa’s turnkey ParceLive solution, though more well-known for its recyclable RFID tags, can truly win the day.

Not only can these powerful assets monitor the movement and storage of critical boxes of horse racing history, but also indicate to records keepers whether something has been or is being tampered with, in real time, on account of its reporting back unanticipated exposure to light, drops, tilts, and seven other shady types of movements.

ParceLive also seamlessly integrates all of these data points and more by working within the confines of a stables’ previous operating systems and servers.

While Hanhaa is keen to eventually afford owners and operators with the ability to work from as few databases as possible and reduce the number of tracking systems they may currently have at their disposal, they are also cognizant of the need to maintain and then migrant all horse history before looking to streamline processes.

Moving more than goods:

While maintaining fastidious, historical records is critical for the owner looking to eventually breed or sell his high-stakes winner for even more money, it is also equally as important for veterinarians and caregivers to also back tracking within and beyond the immediate stable.

Take for instance, the horse influenza outbreak that occurred on Britain’s shores in early 2019, and one quickly realizes how much truly is at stake.

Not only was an entire industry blown off course, but few stables could locate, let alone, contain the illness that had their high-performing athletes needing more rest and recuperation than their wallets could afford.

In hindsight, but more critically, and when looking to the future, in-house monitors and trackers on leads, harnesses, and other equipment can prevent this type of outbreak and afford caregivers the opportunity to quarantine the bad actor before losses encroach upon the million-dollar mark (or more).

What’s more, Hanhaa’s trackers have a longevity and tenacity that means they can withstand austere conditions in barns and fields while reporting back only those data points deemed critical by the stable owner or manager.

Though there is little that can be done now to recover this past racing season, ParceLive should most certainly become a channel partner within those businesses that saw the greatest losses so as to avoid an avoidable repeat of sickness bringing a sport to its knees.

Where there‘s big money…:  

there are often big stakes.

This is no more true when buying or selling art or a purebred pup than it is with a thoroughbred race horse.

It should come as no surprise, then, that this industry has seen its fair share of crooks and thieves trying to pass off one horse for another while keeping the original asset under lock and key.

Thus, stable owners have run the gamut (get it?) when it comes to trying to authentic their ponies and which has included tattooing the animal, keeping dental records, and, yes, even implanting RFID trackers into the flesh of their animals.

These best practices require hundreds of dollars in upfront costs, however, and are often quickly made irrelevant when crooks come up with far savvier ways in which to beat the system—and this includes simply nicking the horse box or cargo container as it arrives at the airport.

In order to prevent all of this, ParceLive, as certified by a host of trustworthy air carriers, can monitor large shipments and multi-load assets all in one go.

Thus, if a horse looks like it is making an unanticipated stop in Europe, say, on its way to North America, an owner will know to be extra thorough during final inspection at the port of entry.

There is big money in horse racing, especially when one looks beyond the casino floor and bookie shop.

In order to return the world of horse racing back to its former glory as one of the more trustworthy gambling activities the world over, investors, breeders, and bet placers need to understand that with such large sums of money comes great responsibility.

This intersection, though, is precisely where Hanhaa’s ParceLive can help prevent the outright theft of animals and records while simultaneously improving in-house as well as global mapping procedures that highlight animal movement and wellbeing.

At the end of the day, then, this sport stands to gain a great deal not only in terms of implementing improved tracking procedures, but also growing pots and purses to all-new records…

and who wouldn’t pony up for just a slice of that pie?

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