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First mass produced ParceLive trackers delivered

on May 17, 2017 No comments

Hanhaa this week took of its first batch of mass-produced ParceLive trackers as 500 units were delivered ready to be implemented into the global logistics network.

With all of the research, design and technology for ParceLive developed in-house by the Hanhaa team the reception of these units’ marks the end of one journey and the beginning of a whole new one. Reflecting on this milestone for the company CEO Azhar Hussain stated “We have been super lucky in finding talented and motivated team members to join a wonderful supply chain that has delivered beyond what we had any right to expect. All supported by a diverse investor base who, despite being a long way from there comfort zones, have placed their trust in us to deliver in a big way.”

Commenting on what is to come Hussain added “The arrival of the 500 trackers signals the end of one chapter in the Hanhaa ParceLive story and the beginning of a brand new one. It marks the end of our days as a start-up and the start of our awfully big adventure. ParceLive v1.0 is now forming and coming alive to support a phased global deployment and deliver on the promise every day, for every journey, for every customer.”

ParceLive is a global tracking service that allows its users to track not only the location but a whole host of other data on their shipments in real time independent of any carrier or location. With a unique use and return model and a return license now active in more than 30 countries ParceLive gives users the ability to take tracking away from individual parcels and create a full analysis of their entire network. An already invaluable and widely available data set complimented by battery life of more than 20 days has seen parcels tracked in over 40 countries and across 4 continents to date.

With a solid base now in place the Hanhaa team will begin to unlock more of the capabilities of the ParceLive tracker and the data that it provides. Creating a countdown clock to delivery as well as predictive alerts if a parcel looks set to be late or veers off course based upon data from other shipments are just two of the projects on the ParceLive road map for release.

The trackers come complete with GPS location, 6 embedded sensors, an embedded SIM, an E-Paper display and long lasting battery. Building and creating a tracker with these kinds of capabilities comes with its own unique challenges. From sourcing parts, aligning hardware and software timelines to finding a location capable of putting them all together there is a lot going on behind the scenes.

Charged with bringing the whole project together Ricardo Chedrauy said of the 500 unit production run “ParceLive is going to revolutionise the amount and quality of data that will be available in the logistics industry. From GPS, temperature and parcel security our tracker will provide a whole host of invaluable data across networks. In order to do this we have assembled more than 75 different components, some of which are completely unique to ParceLive. Thanks TE for developing state of art Antennas, Avnet & Quectel for being such a support during this process, 19 design for their sleek support, Eink for providing the best low power display and Quck circuits for making this happen with the highest quality standards. But especially to the Hanhaa team that is always up for the challenge!”

Customised antennas allow ParceLive trackers to display GPS location from inside warehouse across the world

Thanks to this selection of parts combined with the expertise of the Hanhaa engineering team ParceLive users are now able to view their parcels moving around inside of warehouses via GPS position from almost anywhere on the planet. Understanding the demand and large numbers associated with the logistics industry Hanhaa will now continue on the journey and increase the volume of ParceLive production as 2017 goes on. Those wanting to learn more about how ParceLive can deliver Truth at Scale and bring never before seen data and transparency to their supply chain can register their interest by clicking the link below.

Stephen HartnettFirst mass produced ParceLive trackers delivered