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LDN Tech Week

on October 25, 2016 No comments

June 20-26th is Technology week in London and it will be packed full of events for the Hanhaa team. The week kicks off on Monday with the manufacturing of more Parcelive units, right here in London, to be distributed to our pilot customers throughout Europe. With Parcelive now tracking parcels in sixteen countries the additional units will allow our customers to begin to explore the Truth at Scale that Parcelive offers.

Hanhaa will compete at ‘Get In The Ring’ as part of London Tech Week

Continuing into the week and Hanhaa has been selected as one of just six companies to ‘compete’ at the ‘Get In The Ring’ competition as part of London Tech Week. Get in the ring will see six companies matched against each other in a pitching competition with a winner crowned in each of the three ‘weight divisions’. To be invited to take part in such an invent is great confirmation that Parcelive excites other people as much as it does us, and we are looking forward to presenting at the event.

On Thursday Hanhaa will again be presenting Parcelive,  this time at the Alibaba Startup contest. To keep up with us over the week make sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram for lots of updates and ‘behind the scenes’ content! Both events will be an opportunity to present the scalability of Parcelive in creating global solutions to the all too common logistical and financial problems that companies today are facing.

These events follow last weeks presentation at Accenture’s Open Innovation event. The gathered leaders from the supply chain industry really grasped the concept of the Truth at Scale that Parcelive provides and also had some useful feedback on ways to improve both the product and the presentation in the future. If you are going to be present at any of the London Tech Week events this week then make sure to come and say hello to the Hanhaa team!

Hanhaa enables an Internet of Things framework that solves a real world pain while remaining accessible to anyone and everyone. Our role is to remove the technology from the conversation and just deliver the answers our customers are looking for.

We appreciate the time you invest to engage with us. Your return is a company committed to making a meaningful impact to your life with what IoT has to offer. Join us and be part of it.


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