Hunidity monitoring

Monitor the location, condition and security of your cargo in real-time. Regardless of country, carrier or scale.

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Features that will transform your supply chain

Humidity monitoring

ParceLive is a real-time cargo humidity monitoring service that connects users to live information about the location, condition and security of their shipments.

Built-in return logistics

ParceLive’s international return licence and dynamic address label means returning is easy and free.

GPS & GSM ready

ParceLive will transmit data regardless of how the tracker is transported.

Food & Beverage Monitoring 

With food & beverage shipments, exposure to high levels of humidity can result in condensation forming, creating the ideal conditions for microorganism growth to occur. With ParceLive’s temperature & humidity sensors, the user is able to carefully monitor the temperature & humidity levels of the cargo throughout the supply chain.

ParceLive also provides the user with the location and time at which particular events occurred, such as temperature & humidity levels being outside of defined parameters.

Pharmaceutical/Cold Chain Monitoring

Humidity sensors play a pivotal role in the shipment of pharmaceutical lifesaving drugs. By monitoring and controlling humidity, there is a reduced risk of drugs becoming contaminated before reaching medical facilities. ParceLive provides users with vital data on the humidity levels of drug shipments while moving throughout the supply chain. ParceLive is equipped with a relative humidity sensor that will accurately record the levels at set intervals.

Many types of products are very sensitive and should be preserved from temperature & humidity changes. Plants and flowers can also be seriously damaged when exposed to fluctuating cargo conditions.

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