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Hanhaa rolls out new feature for ParceLive

on October 24, 2018 No comments

It’s a common sight – a “this way up” label attached to the side of a shipment. A visual, but often disregarded, guideline on how that consignment should be handled. But once that box enters into the global logistics network do we really know if these guidelines are being followed?

Hanhaa has this week introduced a new feature for its global shipment tracking service, ParceLive. Users of the service will now be able to observe the real time orientation of the ParceLive tracker inside of their shipment. This means, that by securing the tracker inside of their box, ParceLive will now relay real time information from across the globe on a shipment’s orientation.

For some time Hanhaa has offered a tilt feature as part of the ParceLive package. The new feature will now enable users to not only understand if a tilt has occurred, but also which direction their shipment was titled and what the new position is.

The orientation feature will hold particular relevance for many different kinds of shippers including those shipping wine, expensive electronic items or food. The ability to now know not only which way up your shipment is facing, but to be alerted should this direction change with a GPS and time stamp brings about a new level of insight to supply chains.

ParceLive users will now have access to the real time orientation of their shipments

Speaking on the implementation of the new feature Hanhaa lead engineer Matteo De Cicco said “in order to implement orientation we developed the software that carries the analysis of the raw accelerometer data. This allows the ParceLive tracker to understand and communicate the orientation of the parcel and whether this changes over the time”.

As well as orientation ParceLive offers a host of other data including GPS location, temperature & humidity as well as information on whether a box has been dropped or opened.

To find out more about how ParceLive’s new orientation feature, or any of the additional data provided by the service, can benefit your supply chain click the link below to request more information.

Stephen hartnettHanhaa rolls out new feature for ParceLive

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