Offering live tracking as a service to your customers

At Hanhaa we work exclusively through Channel Partners to bring ParceLive to the market. We have created an opportunity for you to take the service and package it up as your own to offer to your customers. By becoming a Channel Partner of the ParceLive service you will be creating a clear differentiation between you and your competitors by offering a whole range of live data as a service.

ParceLive’s model enables Channel Partners to create their own products and services from Hanhaa’s core service offering. Hanhaa offers live data as a service and retains ownership of trackers at all times.

In this model Hanhaa has a commercial relationship only with its Channel Partners enabling them to create their own pricing and solution to their end customer.

As a partner you will receive

  • Competitive Advantage
  • Additional Revenue Stream
  • Fully Branded Service
  • Access to Previously Unattainable Customers
  • Gateway to the IoT

What you won’t need

  • Additional Charging Facilities
  • Handling of Trackers
  • Additional Tech Capabilities
  • Additional Infrastructure
  • Investments in Hardware

Differentiate your business and gear up for the future

With a service model unlike anything else available on the market, ParceLive will place you right at the edge of what is possible.

Seamlessly Integrated via API

ParceLive is a data-driven service that allows users to feed information from the service into whichever program is most effective for them.

This means that live data from shipments can create a fully automated meaningful workflow for incidents relating to that shipment. Channel Partners of ParceLive are using the data in some of the following formats:

– CRM Systems
– Apps
– SAP Systems
– Customer Support Services
– Any Other Existing Systems

Go live in 60 days with the Partner Launch Programme

The ParceLive Partner Launch Programme is designed to take Channel Partners from zero to launch in just two months. We have put in place all of the tools and process that you will need to become successful in offering the ParceLive service to your customers and we will walk through them with you. At Hanhaa our success depends on the success of our Channel Partners and we are here to provide support and guidance at all times

With the Launch Programme, you will receive ParceLive trackers to run a proof of concept tracking with your customers as well as support in creating commercials, data integration and all of the marketing tools you need to reach and engage with your potential customers.


Hanhaa will send ParceLive trackers to your customers for pilot trials and to build a proof of concept with live data


Hanhaa will provide support for the integration of the Hanhaa API into your systems in order to display tracking data in whichever format you choose


Also included in the PLP are white label marketing materials and all of the support that you need to help sell the ParceLive service to your customers


Representatives from Hanhaa will host a 1 day workshop to help with customer channels, sales and implementation.


The programme encompasses commercial & contract agreements between both parties


Once up and running you will have a dedicated account manager who will conduct regular reviews for both parties to ensure maximum success

Stephen HartnettPartners