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The role of IoT in Pharma Logistics | Webinar

on January 11, 2018 No comments
  • Hanhaa to host webinar on the Internet of Things in Pharma Logistics
  • Case studies and further information on ParceLive in the industry
  • January 17th at 3pm GMT

On Wednesday, 17th of January, Hanhaa is hosting a Webinar presenting the role of IoT in Pharma logistics and illustrating how smart solutions are implemented to improve current processes in place and overall productivity and performance, ensuring compliance with delivery times and governmental regulations. The webinar will look at live data generated from ParceLive trackers in the Pharma sector including a case study on ParceLive users Holifresh & how live temperature data is benefiting their customers.

Despite Brexit and economics growing uncertainties in the UK, investments in technology remain remarkably heavy, especially in the IoT sector. Connected technologies have been playing an important role in improving working processes and capabilities in numerous industries, one of them being logistics. This is especially relevant to the pharma sector which is increasingly relying on big data and real-time information to ensure product quality, regulatory compliance and operational efficiency at every stage of their supply chains.

With the impact of globalisation and accelerated scientific progress pharmaceutical manufacturers are increasingly dealing with sensitive products, such as vaccines and customised treatments for rare diseases that have shorter shelf lives and carry strict temperature requirements. Due to the challenges of batch manufacturing especially when it comes to monitoring the logistical journey of pharmaceuticals industry players continually face issues related to product degradation and recalls. Increasing numbers of pharma counterfeit incidents as well as compliance with best practices and regulations on the production and distribution processes are also issues to contend.

Gaining full visibility on their supply chains, monitoring real-time temperature as well as establishing preventive measures and harmonizing regulations are major challenges that the pharma logistics industry must meet. IoT technologies are developing rapidly to offer adapted solutions to the specific needs of this industry. Connected equipment, smart packaging, and cold chain monitoring are among the IoT applications that are particularly well suited to the pharmaceuticals industry. Acquiring end-to-end visibility of goods across supply chains is now possible with the use of smart trackers and environmental sensors allowing companies to directly connect with their goods during production and distribution and monitor their security and condition in real-time.

Stephen HartnettThe role of IoT in Pharma Logistics | Webinar