HXG: The Pathway to 5G

Enabling cost-effective deployment of private high performance LTE and 5G wireless networks.


HXG is one of the first mobile network operators to provide private 5G Network connectivity for a whole host of industries.

5G enables, among other things, more industrial automation, more flexibility on the factory floor and higher productivity. 5G brings the performance and reliability to 'untether' previous fixed assets/equipment and enable new methods of production.

  • Automotive
  • Entertainment
  • Energy/Utilities
  • Transport
  • Agriculture
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Security

  • Strict CO2 emission goals
  • Strong competition
  • Pressure for innovation
  • Globalisation

  • Autonomous and connected cars
  • Innovative infotainment solutions

  • Dynamically configure networks and resources to address different demands

  • Quality of experience constantly increasing
  • New devices and services
  • Explosion of mobile data usage

  • Networks which can support new media and entertainment services and devices (VR & AR)

  • Support massive increases in data rules
  • Guarantee a good quality of service

  • Decentralised generation
  • Pressure on consumption
  • Increase in renewables
  • Fines when outage

  • Dynamic smart grids, which can be monitored and controlled remotely throughout the entire network

  • Real-time control of grids and remote generators where fibre has not been rolled out

  • Stronger focus on safety and security
  • Growing number of passengers
  • Higher service expectations

  • Real-time information and entertainment for passengers
  • More efficient operations and maintenance of infrastructure

  • Provide coverage and bandwidth for infotainment and more efficient operations

  • Growing global population
  • Pressure on use of pesticides
  • Lack of farmers
  • Climate change

  • Increased productivity and efficiency of farming
  • Sustainable farming solutions

  • Remotely connect and control farming equipment
  • Provide bandwidth for advanced imagery and use of drones

  • Ageing population
  • Increase in people with chronic diseases
  • Personalised care expectations

  • Affordable healthcare solutions
  • Personal, wearable devices for monitoring and treatment
  • Remote patient care and follow up

  • Enable mobile remote care solutions through guaranteed and secured connection

  • Ageing workforce
  • Manufacturing skills gap
  • Pressure on costs
  • More environmental concerns

  • Robotics and automation inside the factory
  • Solutions which decrease the production costs

  • Provide the highly resilient, secure and low latency communication platform in the factory

  • Higher security alerts
  • Increased terrorist threats
  • Focused cyber security

  • More monitoring and screening in public places
  • Better and faster information to law enforcement agencies

  • Support wireless security applications both for monitoring and detection

HXG delivers full stack 4G/5G private networks with off campus roaming onto public MNO's. Secure, dedicated, high bandwidth connectivity to SERVE your applications, devices and users.

When at work, all employees and devices will connect to the HXG 5G network. On leaving the campus, devices connect to public wireless networks seamlessly without any configuration changes required.

Become your own mobile network and enjoy the benefits of security, low latency and connectivity at scale that comes with 5G.


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