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The supply chain is the network that keeps a business alive. We understand that all businesses the world over have been hit hard by COVID-19, allowing us to quickly realise where our armour is most penetrable, and in turn, devising new and improved solutions.

Those who work in supply chain or logistics are having to deal with so many intricate parts, numerous stakeholders and endless products, meaning that maintaining a healthy supply chain can prove troublesome.

What we have now come to understand more than ever, is that supply chain disruption is a matter of when not if. 

So in these testing times, what can we do to ensure businesses are able to operate as normal and for all potential risks and threats to be evaluated in-depth? In response to this, the team at Hanhaa have devised the ‘Supply Chain Health Check-up’. Put simply, Hanhaa is offering a 25% discount on up to 5 ParceLive journeys so that organisations across the world have a more in-depth overview of such things as:

Network insight

Put shippers in control by enabling them to see what’s really happening and trending within their delivery network.

Customer service

Customer service will be dramatically improved by enabling shippers and logistics suppliers to identify where delays and issues are happening and report-back to customers in real-time.

Network optimisation

Shipping professionals can identify pinch-points and inefficiencies in delivery networks to improve routing and select the best logistics suppliers.

Dispute resolution

Auditable data helps everyone to identify the facts behind late, non-delivery and damage disputes.

Similar to humans who regularly see a medical practitioner for health checks, a supply chain also needs periodic “health check-ups” to ensure continuity and to also minimize disruption to a business and its bottom line.

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