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Survey Statistics: Animal wellbeing in transport

on August 7, 2019 No comments

Last week, Hanhaa announced that they are now working with ParceLive end-users to ensure that they have full transparency on their pet’s condition when in transport.

A survey was conducted where 500 pet owners were asked questions regarding what variables they deemed most important to provide them with enough clarity and confidence that their pet was travelling in comfortable, non threatening environments.

  1. If you own a pet or owned a pet and had to ship it alone (without you) via airline or ground courier, would you pay to know details about the real time location, security and condition of your pet during its journey?

No 10% Yes 90%

2. Have you ever had to ship your pet on an airplane or via ground courier without you on the journey?

No 34% Yes 66%

4. When you ship your pet without you via airplane or courier, would you pay $100 to know the location, condition and security of your pet anytime during its journey? (You would know location, temperature, humidity, handling, light/dark).

No 9% Yes 91%

5. To reduce the price of the tracking information, when your pet arrives, would you be willing to return the actual small tracker by putting it in the mailbox in a pre-paid envelope?

No 4% Yes 96%

6. Would you consider adding pet travel insurance to your pet’s journey?     

Likely: 70% Not sure: 20%  Unlikely: 10%

Stephen hartnettSurvey Statistics: Animal wellbeing in transport