Symbisa now available on Microsoft store

on May 23, 2019

Now available for download at the Microsoft store for Office, Symbisa is a bi-directional platform that assembles security, connectivity and billing into a unified service wrapper for hardware manufacturers to build new customer experiences and relationships.

Put more simply, Symbisa provides electronic components with the means to transmit data via a two-way communication portal. Data gathered from conducting measurements in this manner allows individuals to accurately analyse with speed and efficiency. Symbisa can provide the user with comprehensive knowledge on the world around them. For example, Symbisa can provide the user with knowledge on moisture levels, temperature readings, impact sensors, light levels, location coordinates and so much more.

Each sensor feeds live data directly into Microsoft Excel using simple formulas. Native connectivity into Microsoft Azure Cloud, allows data to flow through to larger data where big data tools can be deployed to management, analytics and learning. This allows the user to create customisable dashboards using custom functions to refer to each of their Symbisa sensors. As soon as Excel opens, the user is provided with the latest snapshot of sensor measurements along with historical data.

Symbisa is also available for popular cloud-based work flow engines, allowing two-way communication from hundreds of different systems without messy integrations. Text messages and barcodes can be directly sent to the Symbisa display from within an Excel formula, letting the user correct labels for a person or machine to read from the built in E-ink display.

A device or sensor manufacturer (reseller) will be able to create an additional revenue stream by using the Symbisa platform to manage the connectivity of one or more devices and deliver the data from the sensors to the customers desired destination. This is made possible due to Symbisa’s 3 core pillars that make up its framework. These 3 areas include; connectivity, security and billing.


Hanhaa’s mobile network, Hanhaa XG, will provide cellular connectivity to establish a secure IP layer for the transit of sensor data so that it can be visible on Excel as a report. Hanhaa XG cellular connectivity will provide a secure data layer making the service secure and protected for the benefit of the customer and their data. The sensor will need to use an embedded SIM supplied by Hanhaa XG. The cellular connectivity will be part of the end to end service. Where other IP connectivity is supplied, then data will not use the secure Hanhaa XG network.


Hanhaa XG will provide additional security through the cellular connectivity by use of a service level APN dedicated to Symbisa. Hanhaa XG is the mobile network operator and therefore has full control over the allocation of internal IP addressing and the routing of data flows to the benefit of the customer and the security of the data passing through the network. Security is one of the key selling points of this type of service.


Billing has been defined per device at the point it is created against the framework. Effectively each device will have an event, or multiple events decremented from a customer account every time their devices uploaded data. When the user runs out of credit their device will no longer be able to upload data. Today there are few, if any IoT platforms that allow for pre-paid billing based on events. The majority would be based on data amounts, and the place it’s consumed.

The reseller will purchase credits in advance from Hanhaa and be responsible for the re-sale of credits to their customers. The reseller wants to own the billing relationship with the customer. This ensures the reseller has a recurring revenue stream, for device usage.

Thanks to Symbisa, anyone with basic spreadsheet knowledge can start exploring the possibilities of IoT, interpreting sensor data, developing dashboards, triggering events and auto creating charts or tables that require follow-on actions. The user will be able to go from unboxing to live data streams in just minutes.

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Stephen hartnettSymbisa now available on Microsoft store

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