What is Symbisa

Symbisa is a combined Internet of Things device and connectivity solution for those looking to quickly, easily and painlessly deploy their own IoT solutions.

Symbisa’s hardware carries multiple sensors enabling users to track everything from GPS location and altitude through to temperature, light, orientation and light. Data can be viewed via the Symbisa Portal, through an API or even directly into Excel cells through Microsoft Office 365.

Thanks to Symbisa, anyone with basic spreadsheet knowledge can start exploring the possibilities of IoT – from unboxing to live data streams in just minutes.

How does it work?

Each Symbisa sensor is associated with a number of custom functions in Microsoft Office 365 Excel, as are pre-configured events. Excel users can easily auto-complete data streams directly into worksheet cells.

Anyone with basic spreadsheet knowledge can start exploring the possibilities of IoT, interpreting sensor data, developing dashboards, triggering events and auto creating charts or tables that require follow-on actions in a matter of minutes.

Symbisa’s quick start guide will get you up and running in no time. Once you have installed Hanhaa’s Microsoft Excel plug-in simply push the only button on your device- and you’re live!

Symbisa also offers two way communication enabling you to send messages directly to the embedded Eink screen of your device straight from your spreadsheet. Messages can be relayed to display instructions, data readings or even barcodes.

Symbisa in action…

Powered by Hanhaa XG

Symbisa uses Hanhaa’s own Mobile Network, Hanhaa XG, to ensure that your devices are connected seamlessly from almost anywhere in the world. Hanhaa XG is the world’s first mobile network designed specifically for the unique and evolving needs of IoT applications.

Connecting via GSM means that your data remains as secure as possible from sensor to spreadsheet and never touches the public internet.

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