Symbisa empowers you to easily measure, capture and analyse your world.

Developing, deploying and maintaining your own IoT application has never been easier. Deliver on your ideas and create your own solution to your problems.


Go from unboxing to live data in minutes


With Symbisa, it’s as easy as 1,2,3 allowing you to go from unboxing to live data within minutes.

Activate your trackers by pushing the button.

Symbisa begins to collect and transmit data.

Watch the live data pour into your Excel Spreadsheet on your laptop, tablet or smartphone anywhere, any time.

How can I access my data?


Coming Soon In line with our mission to enable IoT for easy adoption, we will be releasing plug-in’s for Microsoft Excel. This will allow data to flow directly from Symbisa devices into spreadsheet cells that can then be used to calculate results and charts. This option allows data to be visible within minutes of unboxing. The data is accessed using Symbisa formulas that can be embedded into your own formulas to create dashboards or graphs for analysis.


Coming Soon Each Symbisa script can be saved as an API that will allow data to be returned to the web application on demand and manipulated as required within a workflow and analysis.

You don’t have to be a techxpert!

With Symbisa there is no engineering or coding needed making the rich data from the Internet of Things truly accessible to anyone within minutes of powering on.

Two Way Communication

Symbisa enables you to not only send data straight into your spreadsheet from any of your devices but also to send messages back to your devices remotely. This means that your Symbisas in the field can display messaging, transmit instructions or display barcodes and data.