What is Symbisa

Symbisa is a bi-directional platform that assembles security, connectivity and billing into a unified service wrapper for hardware manufacturers to build new customer experiences and relationships.

Offering global reach, hardware can be directly accessed by Excel functions. Native connectivity into Microsoft Azure cloud, allows data to flow through to larger data where big data tools can be deployed to management, analytics and learning.

Sensing an exciting future




Connectivity, security and billing in one place



  • Provides secure two-way data pipes between sensors and the user from across the world.
  • Supports cellular and non – cellular services


  • Hanhaa has its own GSM core network;
    • Hanhaa XG network code (234 72)
    • Regulated by OfCom – UK Telecommunication & Media Agency
  • Connecting via its own network ensures that data is always secure under the Hanhaa network from sensor to server





  • A device or sensor manufacturer (Reseller) creates an additional revenue stream by using Symbisa to manage the connectivity of one or more devices that delivers the data from the sensors/system to the customer’s environment.
  • Connecting via its own network ensures that data is always secure from sensor to server

Cloud & Excel integration

Custom functions

With Symbisa’s direct feed to Excel, data will flow from device to spreadsheet within minutes of unboxing. Data is accessed using custom functions
that can be embedded into your own formulas to create dashboards or graphs for analysis.



Industry examples

Symbisa provides electronic components with the means to transmit data via a two-way communication portal. Data gathered from conducting measurements allows individuals to accurately analyse with speed and efficiency. Results can be instantly shared with colleagues globally creating more streamlined processes. Data can then be interpreted for others plugged into the system for them to take the necessary action.

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