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Hanhaa to offer ParceLive via online purchase

on October 2, 2018 No comments

Beginning today users will be able to purchase the ParceLive service in small quantities directly via Hanhaa’s website. By purchasing online shippers will be able to experience first-hand the data provided by ParceLive without any future commitment. The initial offering features 3 packages: Beginner, Intermediate and Enterprise with trackers being returned via Freepost after use.

ParceLive is a real-time tracking service that allows users to track the location, condition & security of their shipments regardless of their carrier.  The data-driven service holds particular relevance for the 3PL industry, for those shipping fragile components such as auto parts or electronics, as well as for the temperature-controlled supply chain.

For those looking to experience the richness of data provided by ParceLive first hand a package of one tracked journey to try the solution presents the perfect opportunity. Similarly for shippers of small quantities, infrequent shipments or expensive items a package of five tracked journey’s could fill the need. ParceLive’s online packages are available for delivery and use initially in Europe and North America and will include a login to Hanhaa’s online dashboard to track your shipments in real time.

Each package follows the ParceLive model of live data as a service with all trackers returned to a Hanhaa distribution centre via freepost after use. Returning each tracker is simple, easy and free. ParceLive’s international return license and dynamic address label ensures that the receiver of your shipment need only de-activate the tracker by pushing its lone button, and then place it into a mailbox. There’s no need for any stamps, envelopes or additional packaging.

Want to get started right away? Click below to start using ParceLive today and illuminate your shipments like never before.

Written by Ana Bila

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Stephen HartnettHanhaa to offer ParceLive via online purchase

Third Party Logistics – Growing, Evolving and Innovating

on July 17, 2018 No comments
Third-party logistics (3PL’s) are responsible for the outsourcing of part or all of a company’s distribution and fulfilment services. Their specialist solutions have seen a sharp rise in demand due to the increasing volumes of global supply chains and interdependent economy. Currently, it is estimated that 86% of Fortune 500 and 96% of Fortune 100 companies use 3PL services.

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Stephen HartnettThird Party Logistics – Growing, Evolving and Innovating