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The Open Forum

on February 7, 2017 No comments

On January 30th, Hanhaa held its first ever Open Forum event at its London office. Industry experts, customers, parts suppliers, investors and journalists were all invited to get a hands-on glimpse at the capabilities of ParceLive. The event consisted of two parts with part one detailing how ParceLive works and some of the work going on behind the scenes allowing for Hanhaa to build this solution.

Things kicked off with the world premiere of the new ParceLive video, created by Hanhaa’s Rainmaking Loft partners Nemorin Creative. Scroll to the bottom of this post to see their excellent work. Following the video came five distinguished speakers, all experts in their respective fields, that Hanhaa had invited to talk on the evening. Ian Maciver presented Hanhaa Mobile, Hanhaa’s very own mobile network that will hold huge benefits for both ParceLive and the company moving forward. There will be more to come on Hanhaa mobile soon. Richard Marshall, Plenary chain of the IoT security foundation, discussed the steps that Hanhaa are taking to ensure that ParceLive is as secure as possible. Consumer behaviour specialist Charlotte Beckett presented her work on the science that is being implemented to ensure that as many ParceLive units as possible are returned after use, a key differentiator of the ParceLive model.

Hanhaa welcomed five distinguished speakers to present their work at the ParceLive Open forum

Part one concluded with Hanhaa CEO Azhar Hussain giving a description of ParceLive’s business model and the next stage of engagement for customers as well as the timeline for the production of units. At this point, those attending were encouraged to visit one of the small “display” rooms where the Hanhaa engineering team were waiting to give live demonstrations of ParceLive. The team demonstrated devices being placed inside of parcels which they then tampered with to display the ability of ParceLive to display alerts on any incidents with the parcel such as it being opened, dropped, tilted or changing temperature.

Live demos of the capabilities of ParceLive

There was much excitement from people in the room at the sight of a box being dropped in front of their eyes followed shortly by an alert displayed on the monitor. The small demos were set up to show the benefits that receiving this amount and quality of data could bring to companies across an entire supply chain. We know the value of tracking one parcel is nothing compared to receiving real data and implementing real solutions across an entire network. This is the power of Truth At Scale that ParceLive provides by bringing the Internet of Things into logistics in a way that is profitable and practical. By adding ParceLive to just a sample of shipments users are able to greatly increase their knowledge of exactly what is going on in their world.

Thank you to all those who were able to join us on the 30th and we look forward to seeing those who were unable to make it at one of our events in the future. To register your interest in ParceLive head to ParceLive.

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