March 2014
Idea for ParceLive began...

ParceLive was formed in March of 2014. There was a clear lack of global supply chain visibility and like any new idea, we thought that there must be a better way to combat this issue. ParceLive aimed to bring together technology with pre-existing supply chains and use the Internet of Things to supply data in a way and at a scale that was not previously possible.

June 2014
Hanhaa LTD formed.









To combat this global issue, Hanhaa was born.

March 2015
Winners 4YFN Mobile World Congress.










“At the 2015 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Hanhaa with ParceLive was crowned the winner of the Four Years From Now Award. This gave validation to Hanhaa’s idea that ParceLive was innovative with a business model that created a proposition not yet seen before”.

September 2015
Moving into offices.


In September of 2015 Hanhaa moved into their office in the Rainmaking Loft in St Katherine’s Dock, London. Establishing a base allowed for Hanhaa to begin the recruitment process whilst the central London location made for the perfect spot to launch the company and begin work on ParceLive.

January 2016
Growing the team.


With offices in place Hanhaa began to grow its team by bringing on board both hardware and software engineers as well as creating departments in finance, marketing, enterprise development and project management.

February 2016
Launch of ParceLive web portal.










The web portal is a place where customers go to track the status of their devices and cargo. Here you are able to view the number of devices tracking, those ordered, receive customer support and also view a live map of your assets travelling the globe.

April 2016
First parcel tracked.










April 2016 was a landmark moment as the first live ParceLive unit was placed inside of a parcel and tracked across London. The team watched together from the office as their parcel went out across the city throughout the day. The culmination of a lot of hard work.

April 2016
The first customer on the ParceLive web portal.









As ParceLive began to enter into initial trial phases, the first pilot customer was added onto the web portal to access the data on their shipments. Customers were as excited as we were to be able to watch in real-time the location of their cargo.

May 2016
First parcel tracked internationally.










Sending the first live parcel onto the European continent was a nervy moment. We watched as our package containing a ParceLive device travelled down the M20 to enter the channel tunnel. After a few moments we received a ‘ping’ back from our parcel to show that it had arrived in France to continue on its journey. This was a big moment for ParceLive as it showed the ability to self-locate and begin sending data again no matter what country the parcel is in.

June 2016
Proof of return logistics.


Similarly to the first tracked international parcel, ParceLive’s return logistics test was a success and key part of Hanhaa’s business model. By proving that devices could be returned through the postal network at no charge to the customer, ParceLive enables itself to be a reusable cargo tracking service at a low cost.

July 2016
API integration for customers.

Creating integrated API’s was a key tool in the business model of ParceLive. Flowing data directly to customers allows them to be in control of the way they use it. Customers are free to feed this information through to their end user, display it through an app or on a web portal similar to that of Hanhaa.

October 2016
Live trials with GPS location, temperature and humidity tracking.

Entering into more trial phases with enabled GPS tracking, temperature and humidity sensors allowed for customers to see with more visibility as to the precise location of their cargo and more detailed information regarding its condition. 

January 2017
Further investment.

In January of 2017 Hanhaa announced that it had received further investment led by BillerudKorsnäs alongside existing investors. BillerudKorsnäs offers smart and sustainable solutions for the global packaging market and the move was part of their long term objective to seek synergies by investing in early stage companies having innovative packaging related solutions.

March 2017
Launch of Hanhaa Mobile.









In March of 2017 Hanhaa launched Hanhaa Mobile, the world’s first ever mobile network dedicated to IoT. Hanhaa Mobile will enable Hanhaa’s live cargo tracking service, ParceLive, to run entirely through the companies own network. By creating a mobile network for cargo, Hanhaa has brought the Internet of Things into Logistics in a very real way.

May 2017
Mass production of trackers.


The first mass production run of ParceLive came in May of 2017 when Hanhaa received 500 trackers ready for customer use. The arrival of these units signalled the end of a long road of development, teamwork and dedication from the Hanhaa team to bring ParceLive to market. With much work still to do to satisfy the demand for ParceLive, the team now sets its sights on further development for larger scale production later on in the year.

June 2017
Moving offices to Tobacco Dock.


The next chapter in the Hanhaa story was written in June of 2017 as the company upped its roots from the Rainmaking Loft and planted new ones in Tobacco Dock, London. While Hanhaa’s new space is just a stone’s throw away from its old one the move is significant in what it represents for the company. Moving to a larger, private space Tobacco Dock will provide Hanhaa with an exciting and modern place in which to continue to grow.

September 2017


In September of 2017 Hanhaa presented ParceLive at Post-Expo in Geneva. On stand Hanhaa displayed the capabilities of ParceLive to an excited audience as well as demonstrating ParceLive’s integration with Amazon’s Alexa. Being the first time that Hanhaa has presented on a stand of its own the feedback and reception that visitors to the stand gave was encouraging for ParceLive moving forward.

November 2017
20K unit production.


November saw Hanhaa produce the first batch of a 20,000 unit production run of ParceLive trackers at the Jabil facility in Naples, Italy.

December 2017
DMS installed at Arvato Bertelsmann.


Hanhaa’s DMS (Device Management System) allows for the processing of 1000’s of ParceLive trackers per day after they are returned for re-use. The DMS charges the batteries, upgrades firmware and does a sensor calibration for each tracker before it is sent out to begin a new journey.

May 2018
Hanhaa receives investment from Avnet.


In May, Hanhaa, a UK based IoT innovations provider, announced today that Avnet, a leading global technology distributor, has made a financial investment in the company.

May 2018
ParceLive receives aviation certificate from Swiss World Cargo.


Hanhaa receives aviation certification for the use of ParceLive trackers on board Swiss World Cargo. With a growing number of Internet of Things devices and tracking products available on the market gaining flight, certification puts ParceLive into a small and prestigious group of tracking devices labelled safe for air transportation.

June 2018
Hanhaa moves offices.


In June, Hanhaa relocates to newly refurbished and expansive offices on the bank of the river Thames in Vauxhall, SE1.

September 2018
Hanhaa launches Chicago hub to fuel USA expansion for ParceLive.


Hanhaa Limited the Internet-of-Things innovator, today announced a partnership with iD Commerce + Logistics (iD) the Chicago-based business process and fulfilment outsourcer, to support the US distribution and reverse logistics for its ParceLive data trackers.

September 2018
Hellmann Worldwide Logistics becomes channel partner.


Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, a leading global logistics provider, and Hanhaa Limited the Internet-of-Things innovator, today announced a partnership between the two companies to deploy Hanhaa’s ParceLive real-time tracking and multi-point data solution across Hellmann’s worldwide operations.

October 2018
ParceLive receives aviation certification from Turkish Airlines.
April 2019
ParceLive receives aviation certification from Cargolux Airlines International.
April 2019
ParceLive used to monitor transportation of German sports cars.

ParceLive trackers being used to monitor the transportation of high performance German sports cars from Germany to China.

May 2019
Parcel International becomes channel partner.


Parcel International offers solutions for all your logistical needs. With over 200 logistical partners all over the world, ParceLive provides them with global supply chain visibility.

May 2019
ParceLive receives aviation certification from Cathay Pacific & Cathay Dragon Airlines.
May 2019
ParceLive receives aviation certification from Qatar Airlines.
June 2019
Pegasus Logistics becomes channel partner.


Pegasus is a market leader supporting client-centric transportation and logistics solutions, including time-definite shipping, project-intensive logistics, reverse logistics, managed delivery and final-mile customization.

June 2019
ParceLive receives aviation certification from Cal Cargo Airlines.
June 2019
Mile High Labs using ParceLive to monitor CBD shipments.


Founded in 2016, Mile High Labs have been setting the standards for cannabidiol (CBD) ingredient manufacturing.

July 2019
Major shipping canals.


ParceLive tracked shipments through both the Suez and Panama Canal relaying a strong signal back to the customer's portal. 

August 2019
ParceLive used to monitor animals in transport.


ParceLive used to monitor pet dog whilst flying from United States to Germany. 

August 2019
ParceLive used to monitor artisan ales in transport.


Pub owner and brewer, Ian O’Hare, is completely focused on quality and wanted to implement a quick and easy solution to help monitor the condition of his wine, ale and spirits whilst in transport, to provide full traceability from source to service.

September 2019
ParceLive receives aviation certification from United Airlines.
October 2019
ParceLive receives aviation certification from Air Canada.
October 2019
ParceLive receives aviation certification from UPS Airlines.
October 2019
Blulog implements Hanhaa XG.


Hanhaa XG have been providing the blulog team with data connectivity to support their Data Loggers with a global reach to ensure their cold chain operations are never broken. 

October 2019
HERE Technologies and Hanhaa announce strategic partnership.


Hanhaa and HERE Technologies have today announced a broader strategic partnership intended to significantly reduce the complexity around supply chain visibility and operational overhead.

October 2019
Morpheus.Network Partners with Hanhaa leveraging blockchain and IoT.


In order to create a transparent and efficient supply chain, Morpheus.Network have engaged in a strategic partnership with Hanhaa, an internet-of-things (IoT) innovator.

October 2019
ParceLive receives aviation certification from Delta Air Lines.
December 2019
ParceLive used to monitor transportation of Stradiverius Violins.


Beta 80 Group provided ParceLive trackers for the transportation of Stradivarius Violins to and from the exhibition “Los Violines de Cremona: Stradivari, the Barroco y mas àlla”.

January 2020
ParceLive recives aviation certification from KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.
January 2020
ParceLive receives aviation certification from Air France.
January 2020
ParceLive receives aviation certification from Japan Airlines.
February 2020
Hanhaa moves to new offices for 2020 expansion.


The move signaled the start of a new era for all Hanhaa employees and customers. ParceLive year on year continued to expand and improve.

February 2020
DS Smith becomes channel partner.


“There are many markets...that will benefit from this technology. We explored other trackers but ParceLive is the most intelligent.” - Eliot Kirby, Head of Supply Chain Innovation. 

February 2020
ParceLive receives aviation certification from ASL Airlines.
March 2020
ParceLive receives aviation certification from British Airways.
April 2020
ParceLive used to monitor wine and spirits in transport.
ParceLive case study High Value Wine Shipment Tracking


One of the largest wine and spirits distributors in the United States, with operations in 44 states, is using ParceLive to ensure product integrity and happy customers.

June 2020
ParceLive integrates with telematics platform.
telematics gps asset tracking


Through API integration, ParceLive connects with MECOMO AG's mecFLEET platform to enable users with improved fleet management, greater control and enhanced reporting abilities.

June 2020
GEODIS becomes channel partner.


With ParceLive, "we aim to continue to streamline our processes, bringing a greater degree of visibility and confidence across all of our global operations." - Romain Cauvet, Director of Engineering, GEODIS.

June 2020
ParceLive receives aviation certification from Atlas Air.
July 2020
ParceLive receives aviation certification from American Airlines.
August 2020
ParceLive receives aviation certification from Korean Air.
September 2020
ParceLive receives aviation certification from IAG Cargo.
September 2020
Arterìa srl becomes channel partner.


Arterìa srl is the leading Italian logistics provider for the transportation, packing, handling, and installation of fine arts.

September 2020
DS Smith using ParceLive to monitor confectionary in transport.


One of DS Smith's customers, who is a multinational confectionery, food, holding and beverage company, with operations in more than 80 countries, is using ParceLive to monitor the condition of goods in transit. 

September 2020
HXG: The pathway to 5G.

With our continuous effort to provide the next generation of technologies, HXG now enables the deployment of private high performance LTE and 5G wireless networks.

Whilst HXG still provides our ParceLive platform with a secure and reliable communications network, it's now ready to connect, serve and empower you and your businesses 5G connectivity ambitions.

October 2020
TRANS AURIGA becomes channel partner.


"In recent months we have seen a greater desire amongst our customers for added visibility when transporting cargo...we feel ParceLive is the ideal solution to maximize customer satisfaction”. - Tobias Pisall, Managing Partner, TRANS AURIGA.