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Track IQ using Hanhaa’s ParceLive to monitor animals in transport

on August 1, 2019 No comments

Track IQ became a Hanhaa Channel Partner back in September 2018. The partnership has seen Track IQ’s end customers use ParceLive to receive real-time alerts on the condition and location of consignments, whether they be physical objects, plants or living animals. This article will focus on how one ParceLive user implemented the tracker to monitor the condition of Zorro, a beloved pet dog, on a flight from Colorado, USA to Frankfurt, Germany.

By attaching the ParceLive tracker to the top of Zorro’s cage, Zorro’s owner was able to receive alerts from within the cargo hold where he was placed. This includes, temperature, humidity, light, shock and more.  The tracker was designed for airplane use and while its cellular capabilities automatically shut off during flight, it still tracks and saves the actual conditions. This means that when the plane lands, cellular connectivity is restored and all the saved flight data is transmitted.  This allowed the pet shipper to analyse what the flight conditions would have been like and whether or not Zorro’s life was in danger throughout the course of the flight.

Having no way of being able to check on the wellbeing of your pets when flying together can be a troubling thought. In this instance, Zorro’s owner had to sit back and wait till the 12 hour flight had ended before she could check on his condition.

The main variables that need to be analysed to understand Zorro’s experience travelling in the cargo hold of the plane are temperature, tilt and shock. By accessing real-time data reports on the temperature within the cargo hold allows the owner to understand if the conditions were putting Zorro’s life at danger. Being alerted on the tilt and shock caused to Zorro’s cage throughout the journey gives insight into how airport shippers are handling the cage and whether or not they have been handling it with the appropriate care.

In this instance, the pilot had forgotten to adjust the heating properly in the cargo hold meaning that for several hours, the temperature had plummeted to minus 2 Celsius. 

Once landed, Zorro’s shipper received an alert reporting on the temperature fluctuations during the flight that were recorded and sent from the ParceLive tracker. The shipper was then able to get in touch with the airline and discuss why this problem occurred and how to prevent it from happening on the next leg of the flight for Zorro.

“The product is ahead of it’s time from a tracker perspective. It’s got more technology than most, the battery life is impressive and the management of the tracker after use is all handled by the team at Hanhaa…Everybody that I talk to about ParceLive see it as an endless opportunity”

Ben,CEO, Track IQ
Stephen hartnettTrack IQ using Hanhaa’s ParceLive to monitor animals in transport