Tracker Functions and Specifications

Purpose Of Tracker


The purpose of the AssetLive tracker is to enable you to monitor the location, condition and security of your assets in real-time.

The tracker is IP67 rugged and dust/waterproof, built to last all conditions. Providing customers with 3-5 years of battery life with replaceable batteries.

The tracker also has 5 embedded smart sensors that allow for the reporting back of any incidents that occur along the supply chain.



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How It Works / Placement Of Tracker

In order to receive correct data from the trackers, users should ensure that it is fastened securely to the cargo in transit whether it be a container, pallet or parcel.

To ensure correct light readings are taken, the contents of the goods in transit should not block the front of the tracker.

The movement of a tracker that is not secured when in transport may lead to incorrect sensor readings and therefore data.

AssetLive Sensors


- Monitor the location of your shipments with GPS accuracy
- Uses low-powered 5G networks


- Track temperature from -40°c to +85°c
- Measure temperature with ± 0.5 degree accuracy


- Monitor and verify relative humidity from -40°c to +85°c
- Measure humidity with ± 3.5 RH accuracy


- Monitor your fragile shipments for freefall over 0.4 seconds
- Receive a shock alert if cargo is subject to forces between 2 and 16g's

Barometer Pressure

- Monitor the air pressure around your assets or cargo.
- Real-time updates


- Verify that a shipment has not been opened
- Triggers alert when tracker is exposed to more than 4.0 LUX

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