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5. Button is not responding?

on April 6, 2020 No comments

1) “I pressed the button to start tracking but nothing happened on the ParceLive E-Ink display”

The first thing you should do is to check on the Portal to see if the device has started tracking. If the device has no malfunction it will start sending pings/data as soon as the button has been pressed regardless of the screen appearance. If the display still hasn’t changed that could mean that the device works fine but the screen is broken. In this case the end user should return the tracker back to Hanhaa themselves since there will be no return address showing on the device’s screen after pressing the button again for return. In this scenario please follow the steps in Question 9. 

2) “I pressed the button to end the tracking but nothing happened”

If the display shows an address, you can return it via the postal system. If the device is just showing a bar code then please wait 4 hours and try again. When the device has ceased tracking you should see the letter “R” in the top right of the screen.  If the problem still occurs after 4 hours and there is no return address displayed on the screen please follow the instructions in Question 9. 

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Stephen hartnett5. Button is not responding?

4. How long will the battery last?

on April 6, 2020 No comments

The battery life of each ParceLive device will support journeys for up to 22 days. This is dependent upon the number of alerts which are sent out during a journey. A large number of parcel drops, for example, would mean that the tracker would report more often and therefore have a decreased battery life. Continuous poor signal strength will also have an effect on battery life. The battery life depends on the Profile of the tracker. It depends on how many “pings” the device is sending, any alert generates a ping and every ping consumes the battery. Below please see the battery life for each Profile we provide for our customers:

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Stephen hartnett4. How long will the battery last?

3. Where do I place the tracker in my shipment?

on April 6, 2020 No comments

In order to maximise the chance for the tracker to get connectivity and to minimise unnecessary/accidental events such as light alerts from being reported on, users should ensure that the tracker is secured inside of the parcel or cargo. Trackers should be placed either on the interior side of the box or the interior flap of the boxes with the screen facing the inside of the parcel. To ensure correct light readings are taken, the contents of the parcel should not block the front of the tracker. The movement of a tracker that is unsecured inside of a parcel may lead to incorrect sensor readings and false data such as shock alerts as well as potential damage being inflicted upon the tracker.

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Stephen hartnett3. Where do I place the tracker in my shipment?