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2. How do I return the device?

on April 6, 2020 No comments

Once the shipment has reached its destination, the ParceLive tracker should be returned to Hanhaa for recharging, data erasing, sensor calibration and reuse. It’s free and easy, simply follow the steps below:

1. Remove the tracker from the parcel/cargo that has been carrying it.

2. In order to return the ParceLive tracker once it has reached its destination the receiver must push the button that will prompt the display of a return address. The pushing of the button will notify Hanhaa that the tracking period is now complete. On the bottom right corner you should see the letter ‘R’ next to the battery percentage.  

3. Once the return address is displayed on the screen the receiver must then place the device in any post box or post office. The tracker packaging is equipped with all the necessary postal information and acts as its own envelope. There is no need for any stamps or additional packaging. There is also no need to write the return address on the tracker as it is already displayed on the screen. Simply push the button and post back the tracker as it is.

***4. If there is no return service solution in your country please see instructions in Question 9 (What happens if there are no return in the countries I want to send a ParceLive device to?)***

5. ParceLive’s E-Ink display not working after pressing the button? This may mean that the tracker has a damaged/broken screen. In this case, the tracker still works and will still report back on data. Customers can check if the data is transferring through our Portal. If the data doesn’t show on the Portal you should send the device back to us. Please follow the instructions in Question 20.

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Stephen hartnett2. How do I return the device?

1. What happens if the battery runs flat during a journey?

on April 6, 2020 No comments

ParceLive will automatically change its screen display to the nearest Hanhaa fulfilment centre return address just after being activated for a tracked journey. This ensures that trackers with battery issues can still be returned to Hanhaa for free. Each ParceLive tracker has an E-Ink display that will always show a static image of the Hanhaa fulfilment centre address even if there’s no power.

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Stephen hartnett1. What happens if the battery runs flat during a journey?