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19. Screen not working?

on April 6, 2020 No comments

In both scenarios please allow upto 4 hours for the screen to change after the button is pressed. 

1. Screen not working after pressing the button to activate the tracker:

Tracker has a faulty screen but the tracker is still working fine. You can check on the Portal if data has started transferring through. If the data isn’t visible on the Portal that means the tracker is faulty and you should send the device back to us for investigation and repair. We will send you a return label which you can then attach to the screen. If you encounter this kind of problem with the device please get in contact with us by submitting a helpdesk ticket on our website. Please click on the following link to submit a ticket: https://support.hanhaa.com/portal/en/newticket

If you’re sending the device back from a country where we don’t have a return solution please follow the instruction in Question 9. 

2. Screen not responding when I press the button to stop the tracking:

If the return address doesn’t appear on the screen you have 2 options to return the tracker to us. 

  1. We book a collection for you if you want to return the device from a country we don’t have a return solution. Please follow the instructions in Question 9. 
  2. We send you a return label if you want to send the device back to us from a country where we have a return solution. You can then stick the label to the device and send it back to us via postal service (free service).
Stephen hartnett19. Screen not working?