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Where Does It Go?

on October 25, 2016 No comments

It’s common knowledge that online shopping is big business. With a whole variety of products at our fingertips it just makes sense to shop online and have it brought right to us. In fact Brits spend more online per person than any other country in the world, with the average person in the UK spending £1,175 per year online according to Sky news. This is over £300 more per person than the second highest spending country in Australia.


While we are now ordering a large percentage of our shopping online we are also, according to a Direct Line report highlighted in the Daily Mirror, losing a lot of it. £250 million pounds worth a year in the UK alone in fact. The report highlights some shocking statistics about UK delivery completion with more than 3.6 million online shoppers having lost an order in the last 12 months, and a further 17 million (19 million total) losing a parcel within the past 5 years.


“And over 19 million online shoppers in the UK have had deliveries disappear over the past five years”


All of this is happening inside the United Kingdom, widely known to have one of the most advanced postal networks in the world. With high tech sorting offices, integrated computers systems and a modern road and rail network, how are we still losing our orders and where do they go?

Anyone with the answer to the question of where and why we are losing parcels at an alarming rate would surely also hold the key to fixing these problems.

Undoubtedly being able to find these items would solve an evident and expressed pain for consumers. But the impact on the consumer being able to find their one lost order is nothing in comparison to the pain that could be solved for delivery companies in being able to not only deal with orders across their supply chain, but also knowing where things were likely to go wrong and to make adjustments. Parcelive calls this knowledge Truth At Scale. The ability to not only find just one parcel, but to have a look across their entire network. Where are shipments being lost? At what time? Can we now investigate the trends in these events in order to prevent future failures? Would the confidence that this insight brings now push more companies into e-commerce and generate more revenue for delivery companies? Complete network optimisation.


“Data also showed almost three-quarters of the population (73%) buy goods for delivery via the internet at least once a month”


This complete insight into a network has both cost saving and money making potential. By making the supply chain more efficient companies have the ability to reduce missed deliveries, increase customer service and satisfaction as well as reducing the considerable resources and man power used in dealing with lost parcels. While the ability to generate revenue comes from offering Parcelive to their customers at a price point that makes sense at scale. If you are interested in bringing all of the benefits of Truth At Scale to your customers:

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