Electronics Shipping

High value electronics are often the target of thieves, especially when shipping large numbers of these products.

All of our products can guarantee that all your sealed cargo boxes and containers remain unopened until delivery to their destination. In case of an unauthorized opening, you’ll be immediately alerted with the exact time and the GPS location.

This gives you legal evidence for insurance or damage claims and ensures that your shipping contractors take special care in protecting your products from theft.


Challenges Facing Electronics Shipping

Global Supply Disruption


Stay up to date on all your shipment’s completed journeys and any alerts or pings that were encountered throughout the journey.

Tight Deadlines and Costly Expedites


With the online web portal, customers can track and monitor shipments including any delays or cancellations that occur.

Inventory Loss


Keep up to date with time specific pings, showing you the exact GPS location and what time the package or shipment arrived.

Multimodal Networks


Track your shipment’s journey through land, sea or air globally with 7 different sensors keeping you up to date on your shipment’s condition.

Integrity of Supply


Real-time visibility for all of your goods and packages, from start to finish track the exact location throughout the journey,

Product Lifecycle


Any delays or issues in transit will be tracked via the online web portal, including access to all the sensors and much more.

Stress-free Tracking

Online Web portal built for Electronics monitoring

With the online web portal, customers are able to track and monitor their shipments throughout the journey from start to finish.

Customers also gain access to 6 other sensors, including temperature, humidity, shock, drop, tilted, and opened.

API integration is also available if necessary.

Simple and sustainable

The process is easy!


Attach the tracker to your shipment or Asset


Simply attach the tracker to any asset or shipment, press the button on the front of the device and you’re ready to go!



monitor and stay up to date with real-time updates


Using the online web portal, customers can stay update to date with custom set pings and alerts for 7 different sensors.



Return the tracker at the end of the journey


Once the journey has been completed, customers simply return any of the devices in the post/mail or we will arrange for collection! 


Our happy customers

We Work with some of the largest logistic companies

supply chain visibility partner

“ParceLive fulfils a need that many of our customers have been asking for – total visibility across their global supply chain”

supply chain visibility partner

“Together with Hanhaa, we are taking away the operational complexity of shipment tracking in order to enable a truly scalable & efficient supply chain”

supply chain visibility partner

“Full supply chain visibility is a must! Through the application of ParceLive we know the location and condition for all our shipments and most importantly, it’s made simple.”


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