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ParceLive, is a real-time, multimodal cargo tracking service that connects users to live information about the location, condition and security of their assets regardless of their country, carrier or scale. The ultimate product in supply chain solutions.

The data-driven service holds particular relevance for the 3PL industry, for those shipping fragile components such as auto parts or electronics, as well as for the temperature-controlled supply chain.

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Use Cases

  • Multimodal High-Value Shipments

  • Land-Based High Value Shipments

  • Cold Supply Chain (consumer packaged goods, pharma)

  • Cargo Damage Control

  • Industrial Asset Monitoring

ParceLive Parameters

Seamless indoor/outdoor tracking and condition sensors in one tracker

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ParceLive Journey

ParceLive Key Features in Logistics and Supply Chain

Blockchain and Telematics Integration

Integrated blockchain and telematics for all your information in one place, allowing API integration if necessary

Fully charged and updated during Refresh Service

Recharged at Hanhaa SCS facilities

Configurable Alerting

With an integrated web portal, set up custom alets for the entirety of the journey

Motion Tracking, Triggering Updates

No matter where your cargo is, get guaranteed motion tracking and daily pings for alerts

7 On-Board Sensors

Customizable sensors for location, temperature, humidity, shock, freefall, light and orientation

Ultra Low Power Platform

Up to 65+ days with hourly pings

Web Portal

Live updates viewable on our web portal or sent directly to your internal system via API

One Press Activation

As simple as it gets, one press of the button and your cargo is ready to be tracked globally

ParceLive Integrations

Telematics App Integration

Blockchain App Integration

ParceLive 35+ Aviation Approvals

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