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How does it work?

Tracker Included

Receive fresh trackers from Hanhaa in time for your shipment. Scan the on-screen barcode to link the tracker to consignment then push the button to initiate tracking. Then place the tracker inside of the box ready for shipping.

Parcel is live

The parcel is now live and will report back to the user on it’s location, condition and security in real time, no matter the country or carrier. The user will also be alerted to any events with the parcel such as it being dropped, opened, or exceeding a temperature or humidity range.

Tracker Returned via Freepost

The receiver removes the tracker from its parcel, pushes the button to terminate tracking and posts it in a mailbox. There’s no need for any stamps or envelopes. Simply push and post.

Revolutionise Your Supply Chain

Complete Network Visibility


With live data as a service on a global scale let ParceLive transform the quality of information you receive on your supply chain

Secure Global Network


Connecting via the XG network data from your shipments remains secure from sensor to server ensuring that it never crosses the public internet.

Built in Return Logistics


ParceLive’s international return license and dynamic address label mean returning trackers is easy and free. Simply place them in a mailbox after use. No stamps or envelopes needed.

Enhance Customer Service


Use live data direct from shipments to ensure your customer service team is always one step ahead. By tracking on a consignment level each box now becomes its own customer service agent.

Network Optimisation


Generate invaluable data by tracking a sample of your shipments to dramatically enhance the efficiency of your entire delivery network. This is what we call ‘Truth at Scale’.

Irrefutable Dispute Resolution


Customer didn’t receive their shipment? Or did they? ParceLive provides real time and indisputable data to resolve disputes around shipping performance.

The next generation of data as a service


  • Monitor the location of your shipments with GPS accuracy


  • Track temperature from -15c up to +50c
  • Measure temperature with +/- 1 degree accuracy


  • Monitor and verify relative humidity between 0-100%
  • Measure humidity with +/- 3.5 RH accuracy

TILT & Orientation

  • Receive a default tilt alert if a parcel is subject to a tilt of more than 30 degrees in any direction.
  • Orientation is triggered when the device is subject to a rotation greater than 45 degrees.


  • Verify that a shipment has not been opened. An alert is triggered when the tracker is exposed to more than 5.0 LUX


  • An Alert triggered if box subject to 0.4 seconds, freefall.

Offer live data as a service to your customers

There are many benefits to becoming a Channel Partner of ParceLive including the creation of additional revenue streams without the need for any additional infrastructure. Click the link below to find out more about becoming a ParceLive Channel Partner.

Use Cases

With a varied data set ParceLive has a wide range of use cases tracking today. Here are just a few:

Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry

In an increasingly globalised world, suppliers in the automotive industry are facing added complexity in their internationally distributed supply chain. Today’s integrated automotive supply chain is no longer a disparate set of processes but has shifted towards a global industry where vehicle manufacturers have an ever more dispersed supply chain for automotive production.

Cross Border Shipments

Cross Border Shipments

During the last few years, global trade has been growing at an unprecedented rate and is having a considerable impact on today’s global supply chains in many ways. According to the World Trade Organisation world exports of manufactured goods show a 5% growth rate per year over the last ten years.

Pharma Logistics

Pharma Logistics

The logistics industry is experiencing a boom, led by the pharmaceutical industry, in the demand for shipping temperature sensitive items. The cold chain, as it’s known in the industry, is the name for the specific supply chain sector dedicated to ensuring the safe delivery of items susceptible to temperature variants, hot or cold.

High Value Electronic Goods

High Value Electronic Goods

It comes as news to no one that the global logistics industry is big. The parcel industry alone saw 11.8 billion shipments in the United States in 2015 with an additional combined 16.1 billion in Japan, Germany, France and the UK. One of the largest areas of growth in this sector is in cross border shipping, parcels that are distributed outside of their country of origin, which is evolving at twice the rate of domestic.

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