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ParceLive cargo tracking device
ParceLive Tracking Device

One Press Activation

With ParceLive, it’s made simple. One press of a button and your cargo is now live, tracking in real-time with data intervals set by you.

Web Portal

With the ParceLive web portal, users can easily access real-time tracking data on their cargo as it travels around the world.

Zero Hassle

With ParceLive, there is no need to set up internal teams to deal with the trackers before and after use as this is all handled by the team at Hanhaa.


From customizing your web portal to designing your own ParceLive protection cover, everything is tailored to your companies’ preferences and desires.
ParceLive is the most intelligent cargo monitoring solution on the market.
Eliot Kirby
Head of Supply Chain Innovation

How It Works

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ParceLive Sensors



ParceLive provides users with real-time information regarding the GPS location, condition and security of their assets, no matter the country or logistics carrier.

Tracking your cargo whether its on land, sea or air. All accessible on the web portal with time intervals set by you.


Temperature sensors identify the range of temperatures (between -30 to 50 degrees) that the shipment has been exposed to throughout the supply chain.

Accesible through the web portal allowing you to stay up to date on your cargos temperatures no matter where it is.


Humidity sensors identify the range of Relative Humidity that the shipment has been exposed to, from 1-100%.

Accessible through the web portal allowing you to stay up to date on your cargos humidity no matter where it is.


If the ParceLive tracker is tilted 35 degrees or more than its original position, an alert will be triggered with a TRUE or YES Reading.

Accessible through the web portal allowing you to see the orientation of your cargo at all times.


ParceLive will display the g-force value between 2 and 16 g’s and alert the user in real-time. ParceLive will also trigger an alert if any shipment undergoes a freefall over 0.4 seconds.

Accessible through the web portal allowing you to see if your cargo has been shocked or fallen.


An alert will be triggered for a TRUE or YES reading if the shipment has been exposed to more than 4 LUX.

Accessible through the web portal allowing you to see if your cargo has been exposed or open.

ParceLive: Achieving Operational Efficiency
Our Tune-Up & Performance Management Service eliminates all of the operational pain, headaches, and hassle of having to deal with the trackers before and after use. Eliminating the need to build and maintain expensive infrastructure.

You don’t need to set up, train and maintain internal teams to deal with the trackers.

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Real-Time Cargo Tracking & Monitoring Solution

ParceLive, is a real-time, multimodal cargo tracking service that connects users to live information about the location, condition and security of their assets regardless of their country, carrier or scale.

The data-driven service holds particular relevance for the 3PL industry, for those shipping fragile components such as auto parts or electronics, as well as for the temperature-controlled supply chain.​

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ParceLive Benefits in Logistics and Supply Chain

Avoid Damage and Mishandling of Your Cargo

Parcelive monitors and reports in real-time, tracking how your cargo is being handled. If your cargo is mishandled in any way during transport, you’ll instantly get a notification telling you exactly what happened at that time. Our service forces your shipping contractors to handle your precious cargo with a new level of care and respect!

Detect and Eliminate Theft and Loss of Your Goods in Real-Time

If you want to stop your goods from being stolen, Parcelive gives you the power to do so. It will alert you immediately if any of your sealed packaging is opened by unauthorized personnel before arriving at the destination.

Prevent Tampering with Your Goods

Our blockchain integration combined with real-time tracking smart sensor data, allows you to guarantee secure and tamper-proof transport of your goods. Our service is the best way to ensure the integrity of your supply chain and to avoid any unauthorized manipulation of your cargo.

Prevent Delivery Issues from Rising

Our service gives you a real-time bird’s eye view of your delivery network and the trends within your supply chain. This allows you to intervene before small issues can grow into larger problems and effectively prevent delivery issues from mounting. That helps you reduce customer complaints.

Eliminate Pinch Points and Bottlenecks

Our web portal lets you see real-time tracking, pinch points, bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your delivery networks and supply chain. That gives you the power to improve routing and select the best logistics suppliers.

Win Insurance Claims and Disputes with the Ease of a Click

Our tracking service gives you direct access to auditable data and ironclad evidence that allows you to win delivery and damage disputes as well as theft and insurance claims with the ease of one click!

Make Your Customers & Clients Happier

88% of customers want to track the status of their order. Our tracking service (and our API integration) ensures the highest level of your customers’ satisfaction by giving them the most detailed insight into the real-time conditions and location of their cargo or parcel. Clients are much happier (even in case of unexpected delivery delays) if they can see exactly what’s happening with their shipment at any given time. Our service empowers you to give that happiness to your customers/clients.

Get Ahead of Your Competition

ParceLive (and our API integration) connects your customers/clients to real-time, live information about the location, condition and security of their cargo/parcels. This adds a tremendous value to your service and puts you above any competitor who doesn’t offer this level of visibility and security for their shipments.

ParceLive Applications

High-Value Shipments

High value goods such as jewellery, alcohol, specialized auto parts and high-end apparel need to be tracked, secured and monitored during transportation. ParceLive real-time tracking provides live information allowing you to know if these shipments have experienced damages or have been dropped, opened or stolen.

Bulk Shipments

ParceLive trackers collect data from the shipment they are inserted in, regardless of its size. Inserting one tracker on the top or side of a bulk shipment will thus allow to report data corresponding to the whole shipment.

Parcelive applications
Parcelive applications2

Perishable Shipments

Data reported on temperature, tilt and humidity are critical information to monitor perishable shipments such as food, dairy products, meat, seafood, fruits, vegetable and frozen desserts.


Many types of products are very sensitive and should be preserved from temperature changes. Pharmaceutical products, drugs, electronics as well as plants and flowers can be seriously damaged when exposed to high temperatures. Photographic film should also be protected from sunlight and shipped in a cool and dry environment.

App Integrations

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Telematics App Integration

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Blockchain App Integration


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