Real-Time Cargo Tracking & Monitoring Solution

ParceLive, is a real-time, multimodal cargo tracking service that connects users to live information about the location, condition and security of their assets regardless of their country, carrier or scale.

The data-driven service holds particular relevance for the 3PL industry, for those shipping fragile components such as auto parts or electronics, as well as for the temperature-controlled supply chain.​

ParceLive Sensors

  • Location
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Orientation
  • Shock
  • Light


ParceLive provides users with real-time information regarding the GPS location, condition and security of their assets, no matter the country or logistics carrier.


Temperature sensors identify the range of temperatures (between -15 to 50 degrees) that the shipment has been exposed to throughout the supply chain.


Humidity sensors identify the range of Relative Humidity that the shipment has been exposed to, from 1-100%.


If the ParceLive tracker is tilted 35 degrees or more than its original position, an alert will be triggered with a TRUE or YES Reading.


If the ParceLive tracker detects a shock greater than 4g, an alert will be triggered with a TRUE or YES reading.


An alert will be triggered for a TRUE or YES reading if the shipment has been exposed to more than 4 LUX.

ParceLive: Achieving Operational Efficiency

  • Step 1

Activate the ParceLive device

  • Step 2

Track your consignments

  • Step 3

Return via free post


Channel partners of ParceLive do not purchase the trackers, they purchase journeys.

This eliminates all of the operational pain and hassle of having to deal with the trackers before and after use as the team at Hanhaa takes care of the recharging and updating of the trackers.

As a result, channel partners of ParceLive do not need to set up internal teams to deal with the trackers as this is handled by Hanhaa fulfilment centres scattered across the globe.

ParceLive Applications

●  High value shipments: High value goods such as jewellery, alcohol, specialized auto parts and high-end apparel need to be secured and monitored during transportation. ParceLive reports live information allowing to know in real time if these shipments have experienced damages or have been dropped, opened or stolen.

●  Bulk shipments: ParceLive trackers collect data from the shipment they are inserted in, regardless of its size. Inserting one tracker on the top or side of a bulk shipment will thus allow to report data corresponding to the whole shipment.

●  Perishable shipments: Data reported on temperature, tilt and humidity are critical information to monitor perishable shipments such as food, dairy products, meat, seafood, fruits, vegetable and frozen desserts.

●  Cold-chain: Many types of products are very sensitive and should be preserved from temperature changes. Pharmaceutical products, drugs, electronics as well as plants and flowers can be seriously damaged when exposed to high temperatures. Photographic film should also be protected from sunlight and shipped in a cool and dry environment.

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