Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens if the battery runs flat during a journey?
ParceLive will automatically change its screen display to the nearest Hanhaa fulfilment centre return address just after being activated for a tracked journey. This ensures that trackers with battery issues can still be returned to Hanhaa for free. Each ParceLive tracker has an E-Ink display that will always show a static image of the Hanhaa fulfilment centre address even if there’s no power.
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How do I return the device?
Once the shipment has reached its destination, the ParceLive tracker should be returned to Hanhaa for recharging, data erasing, sensor calibration and reuse. It’s free and easy, simply follow the steps below:

1. Remove the tracker from the parcel/cargo that has been carrying it.

2. In order to return the ParceLive tracker once it has reached its destination the receiver must push the button that will prompt the display of a return address. The pushing of the button will notify Hanhaa that the tracking period is now complete. On the bottom right corner you should see the letter ‘R’ next to the battery percentage.

3. Once the return address is displayed on the screen the receiver must then place the device in any post box or post office. The tracker packaging is equipped with all the necessary postal information and acts as its own envelope. There is no need for any stamps or additional packaging. There is also no need to write the return address on the tracker as it is already displayed on the screen. Simply push the button and post back the tracker as it is.

4. If there is no return service solution in your country please see instructions in Question 9 (What happens if there are no return in the countries I want to send a ParceLive device to?)

5. ParceLive’s E-Ink display not working after pressing the button? This may mean that the tracker has a damaged/broken screen. In this case, the tracker still works and will still report back on data. Customers can check if the data is transferring through our Portal. If the data doesn’t show on the Portal you should send the device back to us. Please follow the instructions in Question 20.
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Where do I place the tracker in my shipment?
In order to maximise the chance for the tracker to get connectivity and to minimise unnecessary/accidental events such as light alerts from being reported on, users should ensure that the tracker is secured inside of the parcel or cargo. Trackers should be placed either on the interior side of the box or the interior flap of the boxes with the screen facing the inside of the parcel. To ensure correct light readings are taken, the contents of the parcel should not block the front of the tracker. The movement of a tracker that is unsecured inside of a parcel may lead to incorrect sensor readings and false data such as shock alerts as well as potential damage being inflicted upon the tracker.
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How long will the battery last?
The battery life of each ParceLive device will support journeys for up to 22 days. This is dependent upon the number of alerts which are sent out during a journey. A large number of parcel drops, for example, would mean that the tracker would report more often and therefore have a decreased battery life. Continuous poor signal strength will also have an effect on battery life. The battery life depends on the Profile of the tracker. It depends on how many “pings” the device is sending, any alert generates a ping and every ping consumes the battery. Below please see the battery life for each Profile we provide for our customers:

parcelive profiles
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Button is not responding?
1. “I pressed the button to start tracking but nothing happened on the ParceLive E-Ink display”

The first thing you should do is to check on the Portal to see if the device has started tracking. If the device has no malfunction it will start sending pings/data as soon as the button has been pressed regardless of the screen appearance. If the display still hasn’t changed that could mean that the device works fine but the screen is broken. In this case the end user should return the tracker back to Hanhaa themselves since there will be no return address showing on the device’s screen after pressing the button again for return. In this scenario please follow the steps in Question 9.

2. “I pressed the button to end the tracking but nothing happened”

If the display shows an address, you can return it via the postal system. If the device is just showing a bar code then please wait 4 hours and try again. When the device has ceased tracking you should see the letter “R” in the top right of the screen. If the problem still occurs after 4 hours and there is no return address displayed on the screen please follow the instructions in Question 9.
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How long is the delivery time for ParceLive devices?
parcelive profiles
*** The transit time excludes the customs clearance/procedures ***
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Which web browers are most compatible for accessing the ParceLive Portal?
Currently, the Hanhaa Portal supports the Google Chrome browser. The user experience and performance of the portal on other browsers may differ.
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In which countries can I return the ParceLive tracker for free?
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA
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What happens if postal systems in particular countries do not support free returns of the ParceLive trackers?
1. The sender/consigner needs to provide the address for the pick up, contact name, contact number, email address. Date and time available for pick up by the carrier, the number of shipments and the number of trackers in each of them. Hanhaa will make the UPS booking on behalf of the customer.

2. If they have no dangerous goods certified on-site, they need to pack a maximum of 2 trackers per shipment. As such they will need to let us know the number of shipments UPS will be collecting on site.

3. If they do have a dangerous goods certified person on site, they can pack more than 2 devices per shipment but will need to attach a UN3481 label (size 11x12cm)on the shipment.

4. After receiving all the info from the sender/consigner, we’ll need up to 1 working day to make the booking with UPS or its equivalent.

5. Hanhaa will send the sender/consignor the waybill label, the commercial invoice, the packing list and the dangerous goods documents except the UN3481 label by email. The sender/consignor will need to print out all the paperwork and attach them to the shipment. The sender/consignor is responsible for any loss or abandonment of the shipment should any paperwork be not attached. The customer will pay for the return solution.
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What happens if I forget to press the button before placing it in the post?
If you forget to press the button on the tracker to activate the return mode, the tracker will still show the return address on the E-Ink display, which means you can simply put it into a postbox and the device will still return to us via Freepost. Please note there will be consequences if you forget to press the button before sending back to us such as:

1. There could be a delay in the return process which means this could potentially affect your capacity of devices which in turn, can affect future order requests. The device can go into “Replacement” mode. (What is replacement mode? See Question 23)

2. Can affect the network charges, the device in return mode only sends pings every 3 hours, however, if you forget to press the button and it’s still tracking, depending on the profile you’ve chosen the device can send pings every 5 minutes which will affect your network costs.
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Does ParceLive classify as Dangerous Goods/HAZMAT?
Each Hanhaa ParceLive tracker contains a lithium ion battery which weighs 12g with Watt-hour rating 7.0 Wh. According to Section 4.2 UN3481 (Lithium ion Batteries contained in equipment) of the IATA Dangerous Goods regulations, it can contain up to 5kg of net quantity of lithium ion cells or batteries per package on passenger aircraft, or 35kg on cargo aircraft.

According to the Packing Instruction 967 Section II of the IATA Dangerous Goods regulations, it allows a maximum of 20 Watt-hours per cell or 100 Watt-hours per battery, and no lithium battery marking (UN3481 label) if there are two of fewer ParceLive devices in each consignment where each package contains no more than four cells or two batteries installed in equipment.

We also have approvals for the use of ParceLive on multiple airlines. Please click on the link below to see the approved airlines.
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How do I delcare the ParceLive device in my shipment/cargo, if needed?
You only need to declare the ParceLive devices if there are more than two in one shipment. If this is the case, you will need to create a Proforma invoice for the ParceLive trackers, with a technical description in the language of the country the shipment is destined for. You will also need to attach a UN3481 label (size 12×11 cm) onto the shipment along with a Lithium Safety document attached.
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What documents would I need when sending more than two ParceLive devices?
You will need a UN3481 label (size 12×11 cm) and a Lithium Safety Document (link to download the documents)
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Can I use ParceLive on all types of transport?
ParceLive is multimodal meaning that it will still report data on all types of transportation methods.

Please click on the link below to see the approved airlines.
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What Airlines can I use ParceLive on?
Please click on the link below to see the approved airlines.
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How accurate is the location?
Location accuracy depends on many factors. GPS location tracking will be around +/- 3m. When there is no GPS signal, ParceLive will connect via GSM which will show the location of the nearest mobile cell tower.
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Does ParceLive have connectivity globally?
List of Countries with no 2G (no connectivity):

Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Singapore.

Due to high connectivity costs, Hanhaa have blocked the following countries:

Angola (AGO), Belize (BLZ), Brunei (BRN), Comoros (COM), Cuba (CUB), Djibouti (DJI), Equatorial Guinea (GNQ), Ethiopia (ETH), Falkland (FLK), Guam (GUM), Iraq (IRQ), Laos (LAO), Lesotho (LSO), Maldives (MDV), Namibia (NAM), New Caledonia (NCL), Northern Marianne Islands (MNP), Saipan/Marianne (MNP), Saint Pierre and Miquelon (SPM), Sao Tome and Principe (STP), Somalia (SOM), Syria (SYR), East Timor (TLS), Turkmenistan (TKM)
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Screen not working?
In both scenarios please allow upto 4 hours for the screen to change after the button is pressed.

1. Screen not working after pressing the button to activate the tracker:

Tracker has a faulty screen but the tracker is still working fine. You can check on the Portal if data has started transferring through. If the data isn’t visible on the Portal that means the tracker is faulty and you should send the device back to us for investigation and repair. We will send you a return label which you can then attach to the screen. If you encounter this kind of problem with the device please get in contact with us by submitting a helpdesk ticket on our website. Please click on the following link to submit a ticket:

If you’re sending the device back from a country where we don’t have a return solution please follow the instruction in Question 9.

2. Screen not responding when I press the button to stop the tracking:

If the return address doesn’t appear on the screen you have 2 options to return the tracker to us.

1. We book a collection for you if you want to return the device from a country we don’t have a return solution. Please follow the instructions in Question 9.

2. We send you a return label if you want to send the device back to us from a country where we have a return solution. You can then stick the label to the device and send it back to us via postal service (free service).
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What happens if ParceLive is subject to temperatures under -15 or over 50 degree Celsius?
Please note our trackers can only measure temperatures between -15 and 50 degree Celsius.

If ParceLive goes out of sensor temperature range, readings from it won’t be reliable anymore.
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When do the trackers start sending data to the ParceLive portal?
Trackers will start sending data as soon as the button is pressed. Based on the profile selected, pings will then be sent accordingly (1h, 30min, 5 min, etc.).

There can be scenarios when the device stops sending the data:

1. Too many devices in a confined area
2. Poor connectivity
3. Network is down

In each case the device still collects and saves the data and once the issue is resolved all the data will be transferred through to our Portal.
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What happens if the trackers go into REPLACEMENT mode?
When the device goes into Replacement mode this means that it hasn’t been returned to us within 60 days of receipt. There will be a lost fee charged to your account.