ParceLive Case Studies

ParceLive Used To Monitor The Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci

Founded in 2000, Arterìa is the leading Italian logistics provider for the transportation, packing, handling, and installation of fine arts.

ParceLive Cargo Tracking From A To Z

Are you looking to track and monitor shipments within your country or are you considering tracking solutions for international delivery?

Morpheus.Network and Hanhaa Help Companies Understand Their Opportunities

Morpheus.Network developed a unique solution to implement the new USMCA rules for cross border shipments travelling from Mexico to the USA.

Vitalcan Integrates ParceLive With Blockchain

Founded in 2001, Vitalcan is Argentina’s largest pet food business employing more than 200 people and with a turnover of $50 million.

Achieving Supply Chain Visibility & Operational Efficiency - 2020

Shareable Link: Instantly View A Customer Journey On The ParceLive Portal!

Hanhaa is now enabling those curious about applying ParceLive to their supply chain operations to get a look and feel for real life journeys on the ParceLive portal.

COVID-19 Vaccine Logistics Handbook – Spring 2021

With a life-saving vaccine now in the midst of being introduced worldwide, we’ve helped create a COVID-19 handbook.

DS Smith Using ParceLive To Monitor Confectionery In Transport

DS Smith has become a leading provider of corrugated and plastics packaging for consumer and industrial goods supported by paper and recycling operations.

Case Study On The Complex Cannabis Chain Of Custody

As with any case study, it is absolutely critical for the solution-selling firm to quickly come to grips with those operational pain points that are threatening the very existence of small- to medium-sized enterprises...

Khrysos Industries Integrates ParceLive To Monitor Shipments

Khrysos Industries will integrate ParceLive trackers in order to monitor all shipments sent to its customer base.

How Hanhaa Goes Beyond Small Package Delivery

Hanhaa recognizes that small shipments can come with their own set of project-based challenges mainly encountered in the last mile of delivery

Getting To Grips With ParceLive In Turkey

A top priority for Hanhaa is to ensure that ParceLive’s GPS coverage is consistent and precise, regardless of location.

What Hanhaa’s ParceLive Data Can Tell Us About The ‘New’ Silk Road

As often is the case when launching big, bold business initiatives meant to set the world on fire, governments and large multinational corporations...

Hanhaa and Morpheus.Network Develop Brexit Ready Solution

Morpheus.Network a SaaS middleware platform for seamlessly integrating legacy and emerging technologies, and Hanhaa...

ParceLive Used To Monitor Artisan Ales In Transport

Established in 2017, The Barrel at Bude is the second micropub to open in Cornwall and is the first in the north of the county.

ParceLive Monitoring Transportation Of Stradivarius Violins

Founded in 1986, Beta 80 Group is a provider of innovative technologies to empower companies and agencies in their digital transformation journey.

blulog Implements Hanhaa XG – The First Mobile Network For IoT

Created in 2015, the French/Polish company, blulog, offer very precise, small and affordable temperature data loggers.

Survey Statistics: Animal Wellbeing In Transport

Hanhaa announced that they are now working with ParceLive end-users to ensure that they have full transparency on their pet’s condition when in transport.

Solving The Cocoa Crisis With ParceLive

Turn down any aisle in your local grocer’s and you are likely to be bombarded by labels claiming that products are ‘Fairtrade Certified’ by the ‘Rainforest Alliance’...

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics & Hanhaa – Smart Visibility

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics provides a host of solutions to customers across multiple sectors including automotive, healthcare and renewables.

How ParceLive Solves Cross-Border Shipment Problems

Whether you prescribe to the latest school of thought that the world is flat and only likely to become more so on account of globalization...

Track IQ Using Hanhaa’s ParceLive To Monitor Animals In Transport

Track IQ became a Hanhaa Channel Partner back in September 2018. The partnership has seen Track IQ’s end customers use ParceLive to receive real-time alerts

ParceLive Preventing Cheating Scandals From Ruining Credibility

Where there is demand for a service, one can almost certainly guarantee that there will be a steady stream of supply from those looking to capitalize on...

ParceLive Coverage In South America

At Hanhaa, regular ParceLive tests are carried out so that customers do not come across any technical issues when tracking shipments.

Major Shipping Canals And ParceLive

Trading was the main facility of prehistoric people, who bartered goods and services from each other before the creation of modern-day currency.

TrackIQ Using Hanhaa’s ParceLive To Monitor CBD Shipments

Founded in 2016, Mile High Labs have been setting the standards for cannabidiol (CBD) ingredient manufacturing.

ParceLive Monitor Transportation Of German Sports Car

Within the automotive sector, Hellmann is using the ParceLive tracker to monitor the condition, security and location of high-performance German Sports cars...

TrackIQ Using ParceLive To Monitor Wine and Spirits In Transport

Since September 2018, TrackIQ have been a valued channel partner of Hanhaa, accumulating a number of ParceLive customers, all from varying industries.

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