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ParceLive used to monitor artisan ales in transport

on August 28, 2019 No comments

Established in 2017, The Barrel at Bude is the second micropub to open in Cornwall and is the first in the north of the county. The quirky establishment was voted, within 6 months of opening, as one of the top 50 best pubs in Cornwall, recognised this year as one of the Best 10 Real Ale Pubs in Cornwall, (Cornwall Live and associated press) and also mentioned in the Sunday Times as “perhaps the best tiny pub in Cornwall.” Its success is partly due to brewing some of their own beer – using Cornish hops and specialising in sourcing everything, from gins to rums, ales and wines, from small Cornish artisan producers.

Pub owner and brewer, Ian O’Hare, is completely focused on quality and wanted to implement a quick and easy solution to help monitor the condition of his wine, ale and spirits whilst in transport, to provide full traceability from source to service. The same desire to monitor the condition of his orders whilst in transport was received with enthusiasm by Ian’s suppliers,  many of whom send their Cornish craft beverages beyond the Tamar, in some instances to Europe.

Ian O'Hare, Micro Pub Owner and Brewer

With the food and beverage supply chain being the most prone to theft, It is therefore extremely beneficial to have a full transparent view of all goods in transport. By putting the suppliers in control, it enables them to see what’s really happening and trending within their delivery network. Given the recent headlines and the potentially insidious introduction of not only watered-down alcohol, but thieves stealing and re-selling stolen tainted booze looking to boost their margins, there seems no better time than to implement Hanhaa’s ParceLive software- and hardware-based solution.

Stuart Thompson, an Organic Brewer at Atlantic Brewery in Newquay, and supplier to The Barrel at Bude, can be seen in the image below with the ParceLive tracker and keg. With shipments that travel as far as France, having the ability to quickly and easily access real time information regarding the location, condition and security of his products is helpful, providing auditable data for everyone to identify the facts behind late, non-delivery and product integrity disputes.

Stuart Thompson, Organic Brewer, Atlantic Brewery

ParceLive Dashboard Recording Data

Dave Lang, Head Brewer at Forge Brewery based in Wooley, North Cornwall, is another advocate and user of the ParceLive tracker. Similar to Stuart, there is a high demand for Dave’s Cornish beers, with a deserved reputation across Cornwall that keeps him extremely busy. Whilst shipments are being delivered up and down the Cornish coast, Dave can quickly log onto the ParceLive dashboard to ensure all logistical operations are functioning as normal. By having access to live and accurate data, Dave has an incredible opportunity to add value to his service and differentiate himself to customers such as Ian, through enhanced service delivery.

Dave Lang, Head Brewer, Forge Brewery

ParceLive Dashboard

“I found it extremely easy and exciting being able to access real time data regarding my orders whilst in transit. With so much information readily available, I can ensure everything that is delivered by me or to me is received in optimum condition.”

Ian O'Hare, Micro Pub Owner and Brewer
CallumParceLive used to monitor artisan ales in transport