Tracker Functions and Specifications

Purpose Of Tracker


Our solar-powered GPS Tracker that has been specifically designed with shipping containers in mind.

The tracker is IP67 rugged and dust/waterproof, built to last all conditions. In addition, it has a very high battery capacity that lasts over 10 years, fully rechargeable by solar-power.

The tracker also has 7 embedded smart sensors, GPS, motion, temperature, door-opened, mount, crane-lifting and shock that allow for the reporting back of any incidents that occur along the supply chain.


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How It Works / Placement Of Tracker


In order to receive correct data from the trackers, users should ensure that it is fastened securely using the magnetic back to the cargo in transit designed specifically for shipping containers.

To ensure correct light readings are taken, the contents of the goods in transit should not block the front of the tracker.

The movement of a tracker that is not secured when in transport may lead to incorrect sensor readings and therefore data.


SolarLive Sensors


- Monitor the location of your shipments with GPS accuracy
- Uses 4G / 2G fallback


- Complete temperature monitoring of the inside and outside temperature of your logistics property


- Humidity monitoring for moisture-sensitive goods


- Evidence of a shock event or the absence of one

Door Sensor

- Immediate notification by the control panel when the door is opened/closed


- Immediate notification of dismantling. Very well protected against violent manipulation.


- For monitoring light-sensitive transport goods


- Electronic radio lock as controllable security for your freight

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