How To Return ParceLive Devices

Learn about how we help to make returning devices quick and simple.

Returning Devices

Our return service using Hanhaa’s global returns license eliminates the need for stamps and packaging hassle. After use, simply press the button on the ParceLive device and place it into a mail box/post office — done!

ParceLive devices can be returned via free post within 45 countries.

Enviromental Commitment

If our returns service is not a viable option, Hanhaa will organise the drop off and collection of trackers on your behalf at no extra cost. This is all included even if your country does not offer a postal service option.

The aim here is to minimise the operational pain of companies having to deal with the trackers before and after use which in turn, has huge benefits for the environment minimising waste.

If you are looking to return you devices back to a Hanhaa fulfilment center, please click the link below and fill out the booking return form...