ParceLive Web Portal


The ParceLive web portal gives customers unlimited transparency to their in-transit assets.

The portal can be white labelled in your company branding or the data can be sent directly into your internal systems via integrated APIs.

Fleet View


Monitor all your active trackers from a single, global view whether they are on land, at sea or in the air 


Tracking View

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  • Unique Tracking ID

    Unique tracking number for each device

  • Tracking Information

    View a snapshot of the device's condition and location, including alerts for if sensors were triggered

  • Sensors

    Detailed information regarding sensors at each GPS marker, including why an alert was triggered

  • Data Sheet

    Data sheet organized with information regarding GPS markers throughout the journey

  • Alerts History

    Graph containing an up-to-date view whether your device has been dropped, opened or tilted

  • Temperature and Humidity History

    Graph showing the detailed temperature and humidity readings at custom intervals through the whole journey

Key Features

  • Shipment Transit Status

    See whether your device is stationary or in transit

  • Sensors

    View detailed shipping data for a specific device, including location, temperature, humidity, orientation, shock/free fall and light exposure

  • Custom Alerts

    Create instant alerts based on your pre-determined atmospheric and location thresholds. Find out instantly if your package has been dropped or exposed to unsuitable temperatures

  • Filtering Options

    Easy data filtering by date and time

  • Shareable Web Links

    Give limited access to a particular in-transit asset using time stamped data links. Ideal for asset recipients

  • Orders and Shipments

    Place orders and shipment requests for further ParceLive devices.

  • Custom Data

    View a device’s raw data within the portal or export to excel

  • Portal Views

    View a device’s raw data within the portal or export to excel

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