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“Hanhaa is an innovator of progressive IoT technology. Their technological ingenuity combined with their product development expertise will almost certainly speed them to the forefront of global IoT solutions. As Hanhaa prepares to introduce new products to market, coupling their innovation and nimbleness with the sheer breadth and depth of Avnet’s global reach and end-to-end ecosystem creates an ideal match. We’re well-aligned to win, Hanhaa solutions supported by Avnet will answer the ever-increasing demand for IoT tools across the burgeoning IoT marketplace.”


“Combining our own core-related skills with the skills of these start-up companies will allow us to create fruitful collaborations and together identify entirely new solutions. We will also draw on our experience and knowledge of bringing products to market on an industrial scale. Together with Hanhaa, we’re continuing to build tomorrow’s Internet of Packaging. Expanding our offering of digital solutions will allow us to continue challenging conventional packaging for a sustainable future.”

Centrally located

Hanhaa HQ is conveniently located in the heart of central London in modern and spacious offices with great facilities and scenic views of the river Thames. Hanhaa is just a short walk from the London Underground Victoria Line and national rail services from Vauxhall station.

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