Hellmann Worldwide Logistics / Hanhaa – Smart Visibility

Learn more about how Hellmann are using ParceLive to achieve real-time end-to-end visibility for containers, pallets, and packages.

Hanhaa @ Electronica 2018

Hanhaa’s CEO Azhar Hussain discusses the challenge of bringing new products to the market.

Bringing ParceLive to life in under 1000 days

With the expertise of Avnet Abacus and TE Connectivity Hanhaa was able to bring ParceLive to life in less than 1000 days, transforming the way companies in the logistics industry think about visibility. With leading design and bespoke antennas, ParceLive is able to gain best in class GPS visibility across the globe.

Symbisa and Microsoft Office 365 | John Lewis Use Case

Symbisa by Hanhaa

ParceLive 20,000 unit production run at Jabil, Italy

Hanhaa company tough mudder 2017

Demonstrating ParcelLive’s API Integration with Amazon’s Alexa

The ParceLive Open Forum. January 30th, 2017

On January 30th, Hanhaa held its first ever Open Forum event at its London office. Industry experts, customers, parts suppliers, investors and journalists were all invited to get a hands on glimpse at the capabilities of ParceLive. The event consisted of two parts with part one detailing how ParceLive works and some of the work going on behind the scenes allowing for Hanhaa to build this solution.

Delivering Truth at Scale. ParceLive by Hanhaa

Truth at Scale is the promise of ParceLive to provide data not just on what shipment but to illuminate what is happening across entire supply chains. While you may think that doing this would require the tracking of every parcel, that is far from the case. By using ParceLive in just a sample of your shipments companies are able to greatly increase the knowledge of what is happening across their entire network. The power of Truth at Scale.

The ParceLive Device Management System (DMS)

ParceLive’s unique use and return model means that Hanhaa must have somewhere to dela with trackers that are returned. The ParceLive Device Management System (DMS) is the place where trackers are returned to after use. Here they are erased of all data, calibrated, re-branded, charged and prepared for reuse.

ParceLive by Hanhaa

From dispatch to delivery ParceLive gives users the ablity to have eyes on their parcel wherever it may be in the world, no matter the carrier. With ParceLive you can receive data on the location, condition and security of your pacakge all in real time, and receive alerts if anything should happen to your shipment.

Early ParceLive Manufacturing

During early testing and building ParceLive units were manufactured in small batches. This video gives a quick glimpse of some of the earliest versions of ParceLive going through the manufacturing process ready for use in the field.

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