Webinar: TE Tech Talk with Hanhaa

on May 20, 2019

As the world becomes increasingly connected, tech entrepreneurs are partnering with engineers and manufacturers to develop ground-breaking solutions for integrating technology.

On May 21st, join Azhar Hussain, CEO at Hanhaa and Christian Koehler, Senior Product Manager at TE Connectivity to learn how TE and Hanhaa are partnering to solve wireless connectivity. Together with Avnet, TE Connectivity developed an antenna solution for Hanhaa’s ParceLive, an IoT-enabled package-tracking device. As the team quickly learned, coming up with the right idea was only the beginning. Building it, testing it, and bringing it to market was altogether different, requiring the know-how of electronics engineers versed in solving for IoT connectivity.

TE work closely with tech entrepreneurs to develop connectivity and sensor solutions for opportunities around IoT, IIoT, 5G, V2X, and more. Through these collaborations, their engineers are helping established and emerging innovators solve the complex requirements involved in building transformative technology.

Click ‘here’ to register for this informative webinar.

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CallumWebinar: TE Tech Talk with Hanhaa

ParceLive coverage in South America

on May 15, 2019
ParceLive is a real-time parcel tracking service that connects users to live information about the location, condition and security of their assets regardless of their country, carrier or scale. At Hanhaa, regular ParceLive tests are carried out so that customers do not come across any technical issues when tracking shipments. One of Hanhaa’s top priorities when it comes to testing is to ensure that ParceLive’s GPS coverage is consistent and effective, regardless of location. One way of doing this is to provide a Hanhaa associate with the ParceLive tracker as they travel to a particular destination.

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CallumParceLive coverage in South America

Avnet’s Nicole Enright Named among Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Technology

on May 13, 2019
Nicole Enright of global technology solutions company Avnet has been named in the National Diversity Council’s 2019 list of 50 Most Powerful Women in Technology.

As senior vice president of business transformation for Avnet, Enright led the company’s most innovative programs, as well as the global project and program management office, to create a corporate culture that today operates with improved efficiencies and adapts quickly to the changing needs of customers and suppliers. In February of 2019, Enright was named vice president of Avnet Integrated Americas, the company’s global business division focused on embedded and data centre solutions.

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Stephen hartnettAvnet’s Nicole Enright Named among Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Technology

It’s time to stop killing the next generation of consumer

on May 13, 2019
Turn on the television or glance at a newsfeed and you will likely see headlines hyping the latest facts and figures regarding global warming, greenhouse gas emissions, carbon footprints, climate change, and rising sea levels, just to name a few.

Wait long enough or skim further down the page and you’ll soon be met with CEOs promising to look more closely at their claims of corporate social responsibility.

The next headline?  Probably something about protests, counter-protests, and, of course, opinion pieces and letters about how both sides are wrong.

But what is one to believe?  Is the environment as bad as the ‘experts’ say?  Are CEOs really the ones to blame?

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Stephen hartnettIt’s time to stop killing the next generation of consumer