How shipping in cold chain is changing in a rapidly growing industry

on November 6, 2017
Shipping in cold chain, with particular emphasis on temperature controlled shipments, are crucial to the worldwide availability of food and health supplies. Rising demand for frozen food throughout the globe, as well as booming innovative medicines, are major factors driving growth for refrigerated transport. This rise in volume has meant that managing the cold chain has become a top priority for the food and pharmaceutical industries, as they need to maintain quality control in to meet consumer demand.

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Stephen HartnettHow shipping in cold chain is changing in a rapidly growing industry

The Booming Cold Chain

on October 25, 2016
In its loosest definition, the cold chain is a supply chain that is temperature controlled. There are many branches and areas that come under the cold chain umbrella, ranging from items that must be stored in a cool area to those which must not exceed a very specific minimum temperature for any prolonged period of time. When thinking of items that must be kept in temperature controlled conditions there are two products that quickly spring to mind, food and medicine. In each case, the mishandling of these products in relation to temperature can hold serious and potentially life-threatening consequences for the end consumer or patient.

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Stephen HartnettThe Booming Cold Chain